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What do you think of these shoes?
What kind of shoes are they?
What do you guys think?
Hello Everyone! Could all of you shoe lovers offer some advice on proper shoe care? Should I wax new shoes before the first wearing? Should I use shoe cream? What kind of shoe cream and what kind of wax? Should I apply multiple coatings? I've also noticed that applying shoe cream actually makes the leather more dry after the cream has soaked in the leather. Is this supposed to be the case? Anything else about shoe care that I should be aware of?...
What do you mean more old-mannish worn than pictured? As in most people who wear them are more old-mannish or the pictures look like they're old-mannish? Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee If anything I think they are less attractive and more "old-mannish" worn than pictured.
They say the Barksdale's width is supposed to give a considerable amount after a few wearings. Is this not true?
How wide are your feet? Do you usually wear a US E width? Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal I would go for the Mackay, because I personally think I'd rather have a casual loafer in a more casual color than dark brown. The Mackay and Barksdale have incredibly different fits, though. When I bought my first Mackays at the Mansion, the salesman also made me try the Barksdales. He told me he couldn't sell me any loafers because they were so narrow...
Here are some more pics with jeans. There is one drawback to the Barksdale however--they are not as comfortable as the Mackays.
Edmoral, Why do you feel that the Mackays are more versatile? Don't the Barksdale look much better with jeans?
I'm having a difficult time deciding. That's why I'm here asking for a second opinion. Anyone feel strongly for one over the other?
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