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I think this depends on your age.
What's STP?
Tarmac, you are so hyperbolic.
They are on sale for $230.
What do you guys think of these shoes?
Sorry but i dont think the rlpl barksdale is a kind of loafer to kick around in. I own a pair but i wear it with a jacket and pants. The kind of loafer i had in mind is something that i can wear with jeans or pants.
I'm open to all styles really. So long as they are not hideous like all the loafers I have seen this season. I remember Tods had a nice pair a few seasons ago, but the Tods loafers this season are hideous. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone have any recommendations on a nice pair of loafers I can buy? I have been looking around but haven't found any nice ones this season. I think hey are all hideous. I am looking for a nice pair that I can slip into and kick around in. I'm a guy in my mid-20s. Thanks.
Hey Everyone, Does anyone have a discount code? I am interested in making a purchase there. Thanks for your help.
Did anyone here on SF buy the last pair of size 9D's??
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