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Isn't it obvious? Those women don't really want their husbands to dress like you do. They're just saying it to lead you and your wife on. Quote: Originally Posted by TCN 99.9% of women don't know jack about men's clothes. If your overall clothing presentation is within decent enough parameters that they don't axe you right off the bat, then you pull them in with personality and hopefully some shred of good looks (nice eyes maybe?). My wife...
I think this depends on your age.
What's STP?
Tarmac, you are so hyperbolic.
They are on sale for $230.
What do you guys think of these shoes? http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/16900088/c/110597.html
Sorry but i dont think the rlpl barksdale is a kind of loafer to kick around in. I own a pair but i wear it with a jacket and pants. The kind of loafer i had in mind is something that i can wear with jeans or pants.
I'm open to all styles really. So long as they are not hideous like all the loafers I have seen this season. I remember Tods had a nice pair a few seasons ago, but the Tods loafers this season are hideous. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone have any recommendations on a nice pair of loafers I can buy? I have been looking around but haven't found any nice ones this season. I think hey are all hideous. I am looking for a nice pair that I can slip into and kick around in. I'm a guy in my mid-20s. Thanks.
Hey Everyone, Does anyone have a polo.com discount code? I am interested in making a purchase there. Thanks for your help.
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