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Does anyone know of any sales for Edward Green shoes??? I'd like to find some for around $500. Thanks.
I think this just means SEVERE discounts at retail stores are sure to come. 50% off will be dime a dozen.
The longest American shopping spree on record is over. The Commerce Department reported this morning that consumers sharply cut their spending this summer, causing the United States economy to shrink at annual rate of 0.3 percent. By almost all accounts, the economy is now in recession. The last quarter in which consumers reduced their spending came in 1991. Since then, neither the recession of 2001 nor the slow income growth of the past seven years has kept...
What is a good price to pay for new Edward Green shoes? IE, their monk straps or brogues? Thanks.
I already have dark oak. I am in need of black shoes so I am getting black. The Mackays are definitely timeless, whereas the grants are more modern. I am having a difficult time deciding.
I am thinking of getting either the Grant or Mackay in black. Any opinions? Please keep in mind that I am 26 y/o and rather slim. I think the Mackay is a bit of a mature/old school shoe. Whereas the Grant is more sleek and modern. Any thoughts?
Does anyone have any suggestions on good quality, SLIM cut dress shirts? Most of the dress shirts in the US are cut for overweight people. As such I usually feel like I am swimming in those shirts. Do you have any suggestions on brands of dress shirts that are cut for slimmer people? I know RL's custom fit shirts are supposed to be good, but even those are a bit baggy. Thanks!
Hi, I love these shoes. I know they are bespoke, but can anyone identify them?? What brand/style/last are they???? I know the shoe trees say EG, but are they really EG??? Thanks!
Do you have a link to the shoes on the BB website? All the shoes that BB sells are on its website. Quote: Originally Posted by heavyd I was at BB Chicago yesterday and saw the Black Fleece wingtips both cordovan and pebble grain. Super wide super cool old school shoe. Not Peals - who makes them? Review & info needed... thanks.
Isn't it obvious? Those women don't really want their husbands to dress like you do. They're just saying it to lead you and your wife on. Quote: Originally Posted by TCN 99.9% of women don't know jack about men's clothes. If your overall clothing presentation is within decent enough parameters that they don't axe you right off the bat, then you pull them in with personality and hopefully some shred of good looks (nice eyes maybe?). My wife...
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