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Is it me or are all brands and retailers going to do FIRE SALES after xmas this year? This is a disasterous year for retail and clothing and they will have no choice but to dump the stuff they don't sell after xmas. They will be especially desparate because our economy is going to go into a further tailspin and NO ONE will be buying anything unless it's 70-90% off.
I saw a very classy Hermes watch in a Chinese luxury magazine. But I have not been able to find that watch on Hermes.com nor do they have it in my local Hermes store in Boston. Does anyone know of any good places to get Hermes watches? Thanks.
I suppose you also believe those who think a Yen-Dollar parity is possible in 2009. ;-) Quote: Originally Posted by mussel The pound-dollar parity is a real possibility in 2009 according to some forex traders.
Affect, not effect. :-) Quote: Originally Posted by bryce330 It's now at 1.495 according to xe.com... Am I the only one who's planning a quick shopping trip to London in the next few weeks? I realize this may be more appropriate in the CE forum, but I'm really only interested in this news to the extent it effects my shoe buying power.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria The more aggressive lasts favor a smaller foot aesthetically. I can see how they would fall apart in larger sizes. I finally got a couple pairs of G&G recently in their stock shoe last and they are very nice. - B This is definitely true. People with large feet should not wear the beautiful G&Gs. They are sure to make you look like you have clown feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengranger I was last quoted £500+Tax for the shoes and £75+Tax for the trees. But how do I know what leather/last/size to get? I'm in the US, not Europe.
I am thinking of getting my first pair of MTO G&Gs. What do current owners think? I know they are beautiful, but do they last? Are they high quality? And most of all, are they worth the $1K+? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by gumercindo you're about 6-7 months too late. There was a crazy EG/RLPL feeding frenzy at GVH for all sorts of styles and sizes for around $500. Well thanks for informing me. Any other sales for either EG or GG?
Does anyone know of any sales for Edward Green shoes??? I'd like to find some for around $500. Thanks.
I think this just means SEVERE discounts at retail stores are sure to come. 50% off will be dime a dozen.
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