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Hey Guys, let's please keep a list of crazy Post-Xmas sales. I'll contribute: 50%Off, plus additional 30% www.polo.com Anything else?
Does anyone know what the sale price is for the EG sale that is coming up? Is it 200 GBP per pair with shoe trees included?
surely someone knows...
Hi, I really like the shoes in your profile picture. Can you post them and let us know what shoes they are? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by KaiserSose ugh.. not very encouraging responses.. Hand washing them is kind of out of the question as I work 60 hours + a week and don't want to spend my spare time cleaning clothes. Plus i'm sure I would do an awful job.. Should I consider getting them dry cleaned instead of laundered? I mean what do wealthy, unobsessed people do to clean their clothes (not that I am one of them)? My dry cleaner has a hand...
Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd The bow tie. The long tie looks some kind of gayish because of the bar. Your face looks kind of gayish.
Hi, Does anyone have any Polo discount codes? I know there was a 30% off code HOL2008 but that has expired already. Anyone else? Thanks.
You may not be able to get Gucci loafers for $100, but you may be able to get them for $150. 70% off will be the norm for all things after Xmas. If they want people to open their pocket books, it'll have to be 80%-90% off. Look at all the NYTimes articles on how abysmal retail sales have been. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/05/bu...iscount&st=cse Quote: Originally Posted by pro True, but I still don't think we will be able to pick...
THe real question is whether EG/GG will be having fire sales because their business has been horrible lately. Or whether they will just tough it out and accept abysmally low revenues this year.
I used to work in the garment industry and I can tell you that it is not easy to cancel orders of clothes that were placed months back. You can't turn on a dime and decide one day that you will no longer need the clothes that you ordered and return them. It's true that clothing retailers had a suspicion that business would be slow this season thus they placed fewer orders, but none of them had any idea that it would be THIS SLOW. It is a total disaster out there...
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