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Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin You can do so much better than a Quartz Bedat or an auto Hamilton for a grand, but you will have to go used. I am not sure if you are married to the idea of a NIB watch or not. God, the concept of paying a grand for a new "Hamilton" of any kind sickens me, when you can get a real Hamilton, with a stellar and high grade movement in a gold case no less, for less. Mike I have never heard of Hamilton....
Quote: Originally Posted by versusqc mmh, normaly I would say go for an used omega, but as you want square/rectangular shape, might want to look for a Monaco should be able to get one new around 1,7k, less used I think the manaco is a very nice watch, but if I buy the automatic with leather strap it's going to be around 2.5K. Does anyone know if purchasing these watches in Europe is cheaper considering that we get the vat back??
Hi, I am interested in getting a watch. I'd prefer something with a leather strap and a square/rectangular shape. My budget is arounf 1K. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I will be heading out to Paris next week for a trip and plan on doing some shopping. I heard that if you spend over $200 at one store, you can get a VAT refund. But can anyone tell me what percentage I will get back? I remember it was something like 15%, but I went so many years ago. Any help would be great. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheApple Could it be because 1.) They cannot afford it. 2.) They dont have the right body to wear it. Actually, I own two RLBL suits. They fit me perfectly and I absolutely love them.
Or so fucking rich that he makes people like you jealous. Quote: Originally Posted by R.O. Thornhill Then he must be really bloody ugly...or a footballer
What if the man has the Hermes belt and a Ferrari? QUOTE=R.O. Thornhill;2265234]You don't get it - honestly? Here goes: - Man has midlife crisis - Man wants to attract young, attractive woman, not his wife - Man is no longer attractive (if he ever was), and has figured out that GSOH is not enough - Man needs signifier of great wealth, to attract particular sub-species of YAWNHW (female aurum fossura) - Man can't buy Ferrari - Man buys H belt[/quote]
Quote: Originally Posted by R.O. Thornhill Have a few Hermés belts - and think they're fantastic - but please don't go for the H buckle (unless you are +45, overweight, thinning on top, going through a midlife crisis, and can't afford a Ferrari - in which case it will be perfect) I'm confused, what does the H buckle have to do with obesity, age and low purchasing power?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I like Hermès and LV a lot more than the average forumner but their belts are atrocious unless your name is Horace and everyone loves the private joke. What if my name is Hamilton and went to Harvard for college? I own an Hermes H belt and I think it's perfectly suitable for me on casual occasions.
Bespoke socks. Do they exist? Bespoke condoms. Do they exist? Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Does bespoke sleepwear exist?
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