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Quote: Originally Posted by Timeless Fashion You can save quite a bit of money buying watches from a non-authorized dealer. Of course, you will not have the warranty. Many authorized dealers discount their watches heavily nowadays with the slow economy. I would walk into an authorized dealer and ask if they can match the price or what's the best they can do for the watch you are looking for. My concern is not so much with the warrenty but...
So I think I finally narrowed down the watches I like--either Baume Mercier Hampton or JLC Reverso. But I have been looking at places to buy and the unauthorized dealers on the internet offer the watch at a much lower than retail price. Is it safe to purchase from these dealers? ie: http://www.prestigetime.com They are open about the fact that they are unauthorized. However, they claim that they get their watches directly from authorized dealers. What...
Is it possible to get a Reverso or Da Vinci for $3K? Would I have to fly to Switzerland for that?
Quote: Originally Posted by emakris Heuer (I hate when people call them "Tag") watches are generally quite nice although I agree that one can do better at that price point. Tag Heuer is working hard to go back to being a "proper" watch maker (rather than making fashion watches) and have launched some models that would satisfy the hardcore collectors. However, the Monaco Calibre 12 is not one of them. It's a nice watch with a good proven movement...
I am considering getting this watch for $2700. Would you say it's worth it or can I do better for the price? http://www.tagheuer.com/the-collecti...CAW2110.FC6177
Like I said, I wouldn't mind going up to 2K if I feel that the watch will retain some value.
This is such a nice watch. But I can't believe the discounted price is 50K. I can buy a car for that price. http://www.thewatchery.com/Girard-Pe...75-52-111-BA6A
I think the JLC watches are very nice, but they all start at around $7K, don't they? While I realize taht there are watches out there that easily go into the tens of thousands, I still think $7K is a lot of money for a watch. Any other suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin You can do so much better than a Quartz Bedat or an auto Hamilton for a grand, but you will have to go used. I am not sure if you are married to the idea of a NIB watch or not. God, the concept of paying a grand for a new "Hamilton" of any kind sickens me, when you can get a real Hamilton, with a stellar and high grade movement in a gold case no less, for less. Mike I have never heard of Hamilton....
Quote: Originally Posted by versusqc mmh, normaly I would say go for an used omega, but as you want square/rectangular shape, might want to look for a Monaco should be able to get one new around 1,7k, less used I think the manaco is a very nice watch, but if I buy the automatic with leather strap it's going to be around 2.5K. Does anyone know if purchasing these watches in Europe is cheaper considering that we get the vat back??
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