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Can anyone ID the make and model of the shoes in this video?
Definitely go up to a 9UK. IMO, the Barrie last is already almost UK sizing.
Does anyone have any familiarity with the Carmina Detroit last? How does it compare in width and length to the standard Rain last? Thanks.
At first I thought those little drawers were for placing shoes. Imagine how many pairs of shoes you can fit in that cabinet, lol.
Hello, I have a pair of Ralph Lauren Purple Label dress captoe shoes with medallion toe called the Asquith/McKay also known as the "grail" shoes on here in classic black calf. Sized 9/9.5UK D888. The lasted mahogany shoe trees have always been kept in these shoes. Shoe trees NOT included. These shoes have only been worn roughly 10 times because they are simply not the right size for me. Get them here for less than half of their original price. Please PM with any...
The prices that Meermin charges just shows the obscene profits that makers like Gaziano & Girling and Edward Green are making.I bet it costs G&G not more than $100 to make a pair of shoes with labor included. They then turn around and charge $1,200. Not bad I say.
The way I test to see whether cashmere is high quality is by wearing it bareback so to speak. In other words, I wear it without a shirt underneath and directly on my skin. If at the end of the day, or even after a couple of days, you start to itch, it's inferior cashmere. If you can wear it comfortably without any itching whatsoever, it's good cashmere.Don't judge cashmere by brands. I've experienced Ralph Lauren Purple Label cashmere sweaters that itched and were super...
The best cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia in China where the lambs are subject to harsh extremes and dramatic temperature fluctuations. I'm not sure why J. Crew trumps up Italian cashmere as if it's top notch. I honestly didn't even know that Italy has cashmere lambs. For cashmere to be high quality, the lambs have to live in harsh extreme climates. Climates that Italy does not have.
Let's be honest. You just want to be on a board so you can say to all your friends that you're on a board. Why put up fronts? It's like saying I drive a fire red Lamborghini not because I want to attract attention or anything, but because I like the interior design of the car. Yeah, ok.
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