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Uh, have you ever thought about upgrading your server or getting a dedicated server with larger bandwidth?
Does anyone know of any US retailers that carry Valstarino jackets? I don't want to buy from Europe because I don't know about fit and don't want to deal with returns.
Sale has started, but as usual it's the shit that nobody wants that's on sale. Complete disappointment.
Does the Armoury have any sales or special discounts for Styleforum members?
I thought you told me via PM that these shoes are on the plaza last?
Looking for a pair of new or like new Alden shell cordovan wingtip boots on the plaza last in color 8 or cigar in either 8.5D or 9D. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get a pair of Alden shell wingtip boots on the plaza last? I've searched far and wide and it seems like there are no retailers who carry it or plan on ordering. I've tried LeatherSoul, JGilbert, etc. Any help with be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Who says I'm bitter? I'm just pointing out that a lot of people on Styleforum have an inflated sense of self importance. Attempting to predict the success of a high end retailer based on whether you yourself would buy their goods. Well guess what? High end stores don't care about you unless you're one of their VIP and news flash, buying a few pairs of shoes, some suits and shirts don't make you a VIP! Especially when there are many people who buy 100 times this amount.
Yea, I think the Armoury is mainly targeting big timers for whom money is nothing more than a number. People who live in places like the new 432 Park building. It's difficult to make money from smaller timers like me who are worried about getting the best value for their money and have to actually think before making a purchase.I've seen Chinese and Russian businessmen go shopping and they drop hundreds of thousands of dollars like it's loose change. It goes something like...
Hi Gentlemen, I have a bunch of Saphir products, but I just took a look at the ingredients in Saphir and noticed that there is turpentine among other toxic chemicals. Turpentine has been known to cause brain and lung damage and is known to be a carcinogen. Saphir is a good product, but are there other high quality, non-toxic alternatives out there? Looking to hear others' experiences.
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