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postmans or docs for true beaters
just compare measurements. it not always going to equate to a petefect fit but its better than nothing.
thanks for the advice. i actually googled his name and found his phone number on a linkedin page, so hopefully i can get a straight answer before proceeding with a dispute. kind of creepy but i really want my goddamn jacket.
keep an eye out for a ups driver wearing hot fire jawnz * its been like three weeks since i purchased something on groiled, and that item has not arrived yet, and the seller hasn't responded to my polite inquiries on the site nor through email. im anxious that its gonna just show up right after i file a paypal dispute. am i screwed if i paid with paypal funds and a debit card? this never would have happened if i'd just used sf marketplace.. i'm such a fool.. fok...
had my first big kids these days moment the other day when i saw a kid wearing a big furry beanie with cat ears riding one of those things
i looked like a fat frankenstein in that shirt
dior and i was great. my favorite parts were centered on the sterling ruby pieces.
hope this helps. im 5'9" and this is a 48. not quite as long as i made it out to be.
dang.. dem bootz..
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