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nice^ ol
damn i need some lightweight yohji pants asap. that looks so comfy dude
can't say i've ever seen a good example of one. fwiw i cut the sleeves off of a uniqlo linen shirt last summer to about the length of my elbow and it looked.. okay with linen pants. definitely more comfortable than a t-shirt. i guess you either go extremely casual or wear weird camp collar bowling shirts cdg style like flowcharts mentioned.
82 with a light breeze here. bizarre
rough and tumble apc eytys
radical pic
a small in the first shirt, generation, and 50 might work. xs will be impossible
what is your chest measurement roughly? size xs sounds like it would be tiny.
why do you say that? are you holding out on us? do you have a mrporter code? pm me no one has to know
you might need to get some women's jeans. a 26 in the petite standards is crazy thin
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