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most of the posters on that site remind me of butters dressing up as professor chaos
Damn I want all of that in my life   also, I'm going to use the hypothetical "would I steal this?" as a way of deciding what clothes to buy from here on out
bonus points for stealing the poster's credit card information and murdering them
  this guy just realized that everyone thinks he's covered in semen
if you're sexy and confident you can get away with pretty much anything
hey, measurements?
Dorje, unless it was free I wouldn't wear most of the visvim I'm come across. The big big exceptions are virgils, some of their high tops, and those fucking rad corduroy jackets they put out. Other than that, regardless of any consideration of price, the appeal just isn't there.   Regarding suede workboots and virgils, I feel like they are simply the most versatile type of footwear I can buy, up there with gats or any white sneaker. They would go with a predominantly...
nope, probably why there's still a few cool things there. at 75 off stuff is for sure gonna sell, and you cant blame them for not wanting to deal with all the bullshit that comes along with a rush of online orders
reminds me of:  
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