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affirmative for both. im pretty lazy about checking my email. i think what happened is that it messed up on my iphone after i left the page and it timed out. doubt this would happen for anyone else.
so apparently im this bastard. a unionmade package showed up today containing a retail price needles jacket. id never pressed the order button on my cart, but i guess the site glitched. thought about keeping it.quick fit:
just buy them full price from nordstroms and return them every few weeks for the rest of your life
ss15 is really good.
i usually wear a ten and a 43 eytys low top fit well. solidly made shoes.
brad's comment was the best description of the dopeness that i and everyone else should strive for. dope is dope, no matter the form it expresses itself through.
checked unionmade after work and the site fixed itself. some bastard person whos probably actually a great guy bought the needles coverall i wanted/needed.
on my iphone on safari and chrome product pages are covered by a black overlay.
im sure this question has been asked before, but what are the best shops in portland? im there all next week. looking for good thrift stores, and good shit in general. i have nothing planned.
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