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looks like red wings and tevas.speaking of which, are schemes tts? narrow, wide, ect?
he came out with some good druggy r&b mixtapes a while ago and recently blew up, and he has weird crusty hair
keep an eye out for a drifter panhandeling in hot fire jawnz. but seriously that really sucks man.
they're starting to get beat up. they should look pretty good when they're thrashed.
uniqlo apc converse ol den im docs same as always
love those color combos oucho
i wasn't crazy about the revenant. it was like a pretentious mix of the planet earth bbc series and the passion of the christ. long shots of gorgeous scenery, long shots of leo's character suffering. the last good movie ive seen was phoenix, which is on netflix now. its slow, but the payoff at the end is insanely good.
i wish i'd bought that many pairs of the old skinny tapered denim, so it's not really that weird in the long run.
i would assume that old man pee is better for removing moth eggs than little boy pee, but i'm only a dabbler in that kind of stuff. maybe the guys in the alden thread could help you out.
time machine, tiny dog, fifty cigarette lighters, a plastic dinosaur, chewed up people magazines, a bundle of thermite, leaves, three kilos of cocaine, a stack of polaroids, fifty lamborghini keys, bust of larry david, hair, ants, three hundred thousand dollars, two very tiny dogs, or a pair of apc new standards lightly worn washed once with a lot of life left in them.
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