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our legacy, not sure about the color or how much they look like pijamas
good page, nn looking like a dude who knows where the good shit downtown is at
yas, possibly the same large you are thinking of buying
I had those pants for a night, felt like they were a little loose on me. I'm a ~32 depending on the pants, so they seem perfect for a 33-34. pretty interesting texture, the polyester texture feels kind of... gummy in a soft drapey way. from seeing your fits they'd prob be great.there's another dude who posted in waywt that has them, ask his opinion as well cause like I said i didn't have them very long.also not feeling those green pants. pleats and drawstring and color and...
deadstock gats
Hem about an inch and a half below the end of your cuff
Just threw some crew suede crepe shoes into a bucket of black fabric dye, pretty sure this is going to be brutal
Go Regis and ditch the shirt, or wear thinner knits, or wear fuller pants, or stop eating and spend sustinence money on thinner knits
New Posts  All Forums: