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baja fish tacos over baja fresh all day most days
any recs for a chunky, wide lasted derby similar to docs? preferably vibram or similar rubber sole.
doesn't look too bad. I mean yeah its obvious you have big feet, but it doesn't look terrible. consider experimenting with cropped pants and jeans, it might help balance out your sillouette. as of now the stacking is only bringing more attention to your feet. tbh i'm actually a little jealous. my feet are short and wide. they are at once petite and awkward, a parody of feet. you clomp into rooms authoritatively.
is black an option? if not, blue.
looks like red wings and tevas.speaking of which, are schemes tts? narrow, wide, ect?
he came out with some good druggy r&b mixtapes a while ago and recently blew up, and he has weird crusty hair
keep an eye out for a drifter panhandeling in hot fire jawnz. but seriously that really sucks man.
they're starting to get beat up. they should look pretty good when they're thrashed.
uniqlo apc converse ol den im docs same as always
love those color combos oucho
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