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if you're sexy and confident you can get away with pretty much anything
hey, measurements?
Dorje, unless it was free I wouldn't wear most of the visvim I'm come across. The big big exceptions are virgils, some of their high tops, and those fucking rad corduroy jackets they put out. Other than that, regardless of any consideration of price, the appeal just isn't there.   Regarding suede workboots and virgils, I feel like they are simply the most versatile type of footwear I can buy, up there with gats or any white sneaker. They would go with a predominantly...
nope, probably why there's still a few cool things there. at 75 off stuff is for sure gonna sell, and you cant blame them for not wanting to deal with all the bullshit that comes along with a rush of online orders
reminds me of:  
the title of my upcoming poetry book
deals on eg at context, one schneider scarf at 75% off at amrag I wish I'd picked up which might still be there. Also at amrag, a few siki im scarves which are basically a gigantic tube with leather tassels that were super cool that someone could do cool stuff with. seriously it was almost like a tube poncho made of beautiful black wool.
internet making me do dumb shit. I've been looking around for a good pair of tan suede workboots, a la red wing ironworks, oak streets, aldens, but for some reason I think the only kind I'd be satisfied with would be a pair of visvms. I go through this process with anything I think of buying, from t-shirts to sweaters to anything. I find a single piece which I like, and pretty soon from looking at what's out there I realize that the only example of that style that I think...
gonna go run five miles. trying to work up to like... more than that but running is so goddamn boring
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