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Looks sick. Did you take your normal size? I'm debating between a 40 or 42.
Anywhere I can find these in a tan 43?
it might be rude if you gesture towards the tag and do a couple quick eyebrow raises   or if you see him/her look at the price and you let out a low slow mmmmhmmm or a "cowabunga bruh"
only if you try to return them afterwards
welcome, fartbutts   shits too tight in those pics. those jackets are meant to worn by twiggy dudes who will have a bit of room to work with    
qlo fo' sho'   polo is prob better quality though. if you can find some better patterns than those it's a pretty good deal. I wouldn't wear anything with that pony logo but maybe that's not a big deal for you.
want some tribal tat boots and furry pants in my life
dude's keepin his falcon in a goddamn hamster cage lol
Still only thirty five, very strange. I look better in black jeans anyway.
is it gonna be a nepenthes only deal for the vans?
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