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quidis look best with 4-8k worth of dark artisinal clothing
i like 2's shape more, seems more in line with the proportions of your wardrobe shoreman.
dad ninja is an interesting aesthetic, because it was created, peaked, and vanished from any kind of continuing popular interest at almost the same moment.
Not only that, but maroon ninja, teal ninja, coral ninja, dad ninja, indigo ninja wearing a nike hat, ect
I've begun to hate that combination of a heather grey top, black pants, and white sneakers. I'm finding that i like looks which dont have many white or light neutral accents to break up the outfit, such as a predominantly blue outfit with bits of black, or those all beige looks I'm seeing a lot of now.
naw looks cool
I bought an old chore jacket and bleached it, but I think it's way too short. Does it work?
h lorenzo over everything. they have a second store on melrose which is within walking distance to maxfields, which has a lot of paul harnden and yohji. depending on where you're staying you could start at maxfields and h lorenzo on melrose, cut down to la brea to check out union, then head north to sunset for h lorenzo's main location.
withdraw paypal funds immediately after transfer and send him a pair of gently used gats
i think the khaki one would be a better choice. from what i remember you like to wear a lot of olive and dark earthy colors, so a little bit of contrast would look nice. khaki hat, whatever color outer, neutral shirt, jeans, and white sneaks would look good.^ dles your wardrobe is super brutal, you'd need some looser refined stuff to pull either of those off.
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