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snowpiercer was good, left me feeling very weird for a while. i just sat eating el polo loco, staring out into nothing
thrifted a geller seconds bomber   super cozy
also if you chop up a piece and smoke it the high is pretty good
will do, picked up the matching pants too
what is sizing like on umit benan? thinking this sweater in particular: https://www.ssense.com/men/product/umit_benan/green-y-front-varied-knit-cardigan/95414   I'm a true large
henrik vibskov
when i feel good about my choices in life so far i go commando. i have a pair of pants which fit weird in the seat because my ass is so fucking big, so i cut out the back pocket liners. then i went commando one day with these pants on and realized later at home that every time i stooped down to pick something up i was exposing myself
[[SPOILER]]   with a little sewing you could have an awesome "dry balls" sweater
yeah they look pretty boxy in the photos
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