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im sure this question has been asked before, but what are the best shops in portland? im there all next week. looking for good thrift stores, and good shit in general. i have nothing planned.
kapital shirts rule
weird shit is cool to me now. the only people who get any kind of reaction out of me are homeless people, nerdy 8 year old kids wearing socks with techy payless sandals, old tan dudes in polo driving 80s porches in laguna beach, and the old hispanic cowboys that stroll around san juan capistrano. yesterday i saw a guy bumming outside rite aid wearing an a black long sleeve shirt and black trousers tucked into oatmeal combat boots. the neckline of his shirt was cut super...
nn would look good with some big all black nikes in that fit
im pretty sure gifttoyou 20% off free shipping still works
next level b&s listing pics
hell yeah
not sure anyone actually read my post. i dont own any uniqlo socks. probably not going to pick any up either, considering what that guy said about how easily they develop holes
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