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yeah it's chill.   also: lots of flannels tied around waists, asian people, asian girls mirin me, flatscreens everywhere 1984 style with people on sedatives talking in a monotone about how great jeans are, cute asian babies, a guy wearing orange raf simons trainers that i said "hey, raf simons" to
waffle shirts felt cheap, pure blue jeans were nothing special, life is suffering
wasn't that guy on true detective
i love 2 fart
visited the pop up at south coast, bought a merino sweater and twoo airism t-shirts. there were about fifteen employees there, taking turns folding the same shirt over and over again.   i was wearing all black and holding a uniqlo bag and the guy at sandwich shop gave me a discount because he thought i worked at uniqlo
 dude at 2:37 got some hos in port
jcrew on sale
i returned my poa. the pockets bulged out and made me look fat. It should pop back up on neighbor in about a week. (size 5)     It's not soft for anyone with that expectation. The wool is very scratchy. With time the wool will probably become softer. It also isn't very insulating, due to the structure of the knit. For someone like me in socal this is a good thing, but you'll probably need to layer up if you live elsewhere.
 It's great. Thick, brutal, and scratchy. Unfortunately on me the pockets bulge out hardcore, prob gonna return unless someone bosses up and buys it from me in the next couple days. @jet
maybe   i mean who knows i guess its possible   i'm no expert on these type of things
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