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for any la peeps there was a lot of rrl denim at wasteland on melrose when i went yesterday. mostly 29-32 waist. all for around 55 bucks, tons of different washes and styles.
maxfield's has some rick leathers right now.
also i like that mr. porter takes time out of his busy schedule to handwrite your name on the wrapping sticker
picked up some brand new apc cures for super cheap at a consignment shop in la, then a pair of yellow con 70s at a thrift shop.
Are the eg x vans slip ons the same sizing as regular vans slip ons?
ol uniqlo x2 painted vans
or for at least four pages of discussion and a couple guys coming over to post pics with a flannel, jeans, and redwings
i'm a 39-40 and the med slim fits are pretty much perfect.
these mono 70s were released about two months ago. available at blends and other places.
looks great
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