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just half kidding. stuff like guidi does seem to look best with other brutal things though, and those brutal things are expensive. nicelynice dresses his guidis down all the time and he looks great. but, his casual clothes usually have interesting texture or fit and are a little bit left field.
i agree, but there are some things that you will never find in a lifetime of scavenging thrift stores and swap meets. they had this beautiful heavy black linen shop coat that must have been fourty years old, almost new condition. priced at seven hundred. something similar from needles would cost more. i need to check out that swap meet though. maybe it could be an la guyz meetup.
ecru is so hot right now
there's an awesome vintage store on la brea in la called what goes around comes around that stocks cool shop coats, souvenir jackets, and for some reason, cdg and junya. they had that junya x porter jacket that folds into a bag, and this other thin jacket which for some stupid reason was a size too small for me. i havent felt overpowering clothing lust in a while, and even though the jacket i wanted was obviously too tight in the shoulders at xs, my mind raced to...
quidis look best with 4-8k worth of dark artisinal clothing
i like 2's shape more, seems more in line with the proportions of your wardrobe shoreman.
dad ninja is an interesting aesthetic, because it was created, peaked, and vanished from any kind of continuing popular interest at almost the same moment.
Not only that, but maroon ninja, teal ninja, coral ninja, dad ninja, indigo ninja wearing a nike hat, ect
I've begun to hate that combination of a heather grey top, black pants, and white sneakers. I'm finding that i like looks which dont have many white or light neutral accents to break up the outfit, such as a predominantly blue outfit with bits of black, or those all beige looks I'm seeing a lot of now.
naw looks cool
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