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ervell paa vans
couple new things on the main site. feeling the embroidered denim jacket.
thanks, that's unfortunate.
any experience with the relaxed tees post wash? they were a little too rough for me.
*gif of shaq slam dunking the earth into the sun*
medium rise, slim legs
the new military shirt is awesome. i picked up the olive and khaki. i was interested in the quilted liner jacket and it was decent. surprisingly warm, but it was an awkward fit in the shoulders and the fabric was a little thin so i passed. it's light enough to be used as a layering piece but if you have broad shoulders like me it might be difficult to wear a sweater underneath. ^ the relaxed ankle pants were nice, but too slim for my taste. everything else i saw, from...
thats a crazy good deal
not necessarily. some guys are pretty lazy about checking their accounts, or don't send shipping confirmation right away. wait a bit longer or send him an email if you're that worried about it.
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