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my experience with "uniqlo" socks for anyone on the fence about them. one word: dissapointed and hungry. i bought one pair of the black seedstitch three years ago on sale to replace the pair of black socks from h&m i found in the dumpster behind h&m, and today to my horror i discovered that the uniqlo socks have begun to develop a hole around the lucky overgrown big toe toenail area. to have something like this happen after only a few years of daily wear is unacceptale....
just saw birdman for the second time. monotonous and thrilling. i was put into a trance by the end, emotionally numb and aware of how my socks felt against my feet.
love that b0bo, might have to just copy that and never buy clothes again.
what is the sizing on grenson usually like?
interested in this too
bene fit on everything is fantastic but it needs some contrast, thinking white or grey sneaks and a black t
post a fit bruh
its the best. it will fade, so wear a t under it and hand wash when needed.   btw if anyone is interested in this 50s shirt in a 48 bn ill sell it for a loss.   cotton wool mix
clothes before ho ho's
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