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they look decent but i think i'd get some phantom george costanza hat paranoia wearing those. it would be rare, but say you're walking along and realize you've just passed an sf bro, and you look back, and he's done the same, and he glances at the useless stich branding on your nick wooster greats, and he smirks, because he is seeing you as nick wooster wearing a george costanza fur hat. you pass a storefront window and there it is, the hat. you take off the shoes but the...
some good nonnative basics 70% off in med sizes at mrporter
layered with a mismatched suit maybe but that seems a little too warm for your climate
la la land was good. several parts that were a little slack or unintentionally surreal but it managed to be more than what it was. ending scenes were enthralling and intensely beautiful. moonlight was good. great, dreamy cinematography.
my first two mainline purchases. the fw14(?) knit jacket and fw 16 type 6 khaki jeans.
not everyone has the luxury of living close to a large body of water. sure you could take a bath with your jeans on, but its just not the same. plus you've got to spend all the money on gas driving to the beach, rolling around in the sand, swimming around like an idiot. then you have to go to the gym and do squats in your wet jeans. now your jeans don't fit because your quads are huge and you've got pneumonia. also you lost your job because you're always covered in sand....
the most baller kop of 2017
beanie diy linen scarf eg eg vans
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