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^ yeah the leather is crap, even on the made in england ones. at a distance they look fine, just make sure not to get too close to anyone when you wear them. if you shave your head and put white laces on your docs people will avoid you so you won't have to worry about anyone judging the leather quality. docs are basically indestructible though so you can kick the crap out of them or curbstomp people as much as you want and not worry about them. i usually wear mine with...
good call on the black suede
try gr@iled. i've seen pairs on there for cheap both new or lightly worn.
hah! sweet
i will never find someone with the same pic as mine
i'm embracing the cozy boi lifestyle fully. relaxed fit, drop crotch, big fuzzy shit, wider pants, soft stuff, chunky comfortable shoes, all cozy boi all the time.
maude nibelungen cocoon sweater
the bigger issue is that you've never watched Deer Hunter, get on that
haha this ivy lumber tech look from unis
New Posts  All Forums: