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Hey everyone. Looking for the J. Crew Cadet Jacket or Millerain Jacket in Medium-Tall. I am looking for olive or brown (carob). I am looking to pay a fair price depending on the condition of the garment. I live in California, and of course will pay reasonable shipping. Please PM me, I respond very quickly. Thanks again!
Mods: my mistake, please delete. I thought this was in the classifieds. I apologize. Thank you again.
It's the Skagen 858XLS
  they do, he is just being unnecessarily simple. orient, seagull, a couple others fit too
So the strap is certainly browner in person. Like I said, the lighting was weird :\ In fact, it is the Hirsch Duke in Golden Brown ($40). Beautiful strap. The other option would be regular brown, but I found the golden brown more striking but still understated enough for my taste.   The watch is the Orient CEM6w001D. This set me back $110 shipped. Just gorgeous. Perfect size too at 44mm with crown IMO (my own measurement. Internet says 45mm).    The (optional) deployant...
What seiko is that?
Better? Same watch, diff angle  
Another shot of the SNX113  
  I think these Seiko 5 would be about as ideal as possible, personally. It is 38MM with dark blue dial. SNX113. Is likely the watch I plan to use for my project.
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