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^^^^ CP, nice pants. 
ed, how does one go about asking you details about this?
rdiaz, nice outfit. great use of the green tie. 
espresso looks really nice
ian, looks good. i think a tie with more contrast would have made this outfit great. why did you go with that tie if you dont mind me asking?
mymil, fixed!   thanks so much!
stitch, nice use of textures.    fred, great look today. 
1. Forum Favorite Drake's Square. 70% wool and 30% silk. 16.5" x 16" Color is best represented in the second picture. Price on the square is $65 SOLD     All ties are $95. All the ties are brand new and in pristine condition.    2. Burgandy Printed Tie. 100% silk. Width 3.5" ON HOLD                 3. Black Grenadine tie with White Polka Dots. Width 3.25. I have 2 of these.                4. Navy Woven with White...
victor nice outfit. 
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