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I have a narrow foot and wear the simpson last a lot and it looks pretty classic to me. agree with the other posters that in real life its not so pointy
@SYCSYC great textures and great fit. 
^^^^mine hasn't shipped yet either
These are very nice.
@Mr Engineer and @Anden beautiful looks
@JSO1, beautiful boots!
please tell me the same...
^^^^ beautiful suit. 
Bought these from Epaulet and thought I could work them into my wardrobe but alas I could not. My loss is your gain. I only tried them on in the store and briefly in my apartment. I have never actually worn them. They are a 9.5 UK in the Simpson last.    Selling these as is with the Carmina box and shoe bags. Price as above and will be shipped with insurance and tracking.    Please don't hesitate to ask questions. Thanks!  
hey mike i am interested in a new business appropriate blue suit. i am looking at midnight seed stitch and navy cavalry twill and was wondering how "navy" they are.    I am looking not for a true navy but maybe a shade or two lighter than that but still work/interview appropriate. 
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