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Ok, so with LHT i should see this to a lesser effect? I think I had up to 2 inches vertically and about 0.5 inch horizontally... very significant!   Thanks for the info!
Anyone had issues with shrinkage? I had indigo power stretch skinny guy's, and I've washed them on cold and never dried them, but they definitely shrunk both in horizontal and vertical directions. I'm hoping this is an issue only with the power stretch, but did anyone with LHT have this issue after washing?
Hi guys, i got a quick question here     I have the indigo power stretch model in a size 29, and I'm pretty satisfied with the fit, except that the crotch space is slightly less than ideal. Its fine when I'm standing (i.e. there is no outline of my dick or anything), but when I sit, it rides up a bit in the crotch area and isn't the most comfortable.    I'm thinking of going for a LHT or broken twill in size 30 for my next pair. Does anyone have any experience...
sounds like you're a grown man, can't you choose yourself?
So I have the indigo power stretch skinny guy's, and I measured the inseam today and its only 34.5! I've never had these hemmed, but I did wash them 3-4 times. Is the drop from 36 to 34.5 inseam length just due to shrinkage? I'm pretty tall so I prefer longer inseams... in the future is there any way to prevent this?   And did anyone else notice such shrinkage? Or maybe I simply got a pair that was cut slightly shorter...?
Did you find them very tight in the thighs compared to other SG fabrics? Thats the only thing that stopped me from copping them. I liked this fabric alot, it can almost pass for dress pants!
  That makes sense, but then isn't that what the weird guy fit is for? (thicker thighs)   EDIT: essentially fit is an individual thing, but isn't it ridiculous that someone should have to wait up to a month to button all the buttons? It's just jeans ffs
On the topic of skinnyguy fit, has anyone else noticed that brandon svarc wears his TTS and it's not skin tight on his thighs . IMO the fit is not supposed to be skin tight and you certainly should be able to button up all the buttons from the first wear.   Just my $0.02
Question for you really thin guys, (e.g. 6" 3 and 140 lbs):   When getting custom shirts, what type of fit do you go for? I am 6" 0 and 133 lbs, but I find that fitted shirts would make me look like a stick, but then baggier shirts would look baggier... how do you find a balance? is it even possible?
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