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A sad day. #makeamericagreatagain
Hey Folks,   I have 3 Auctions up.  All are no reserve with low starting prices.   mage not availablePhotos not available for this variationBNWT Kiton Dress Shirt Size 42 16.5 French Cuff Brown Gingham micro check.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/BNWT-Kiton-Dress-Shirt-Size-42-16-5-French-Cuff-Brown-Gingham-micro-check-550/181145594707?ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1&ih=008&category=57991&cmd=ViewItem   BNWT Robert Talbott Estate Lilac Graph Check Dress Shirt....
Those lapels are offensive no matter what time of year it is!
It is great to see a pair of work boots treated like work boots not a pair of John Lobbs.  A fantastic pair of boots.
I am a young lawyer and went through this process.  After school I did a clerkship, and then went through the interview process again to get my current job.  I agree with what most folks have said, however it is also important you are confident.  Whatever you wear, make sure you are comfortable in it and feel like you look good.  I have found that personality and likeability goes a long way.  That will only come through if you are confident in your look.  Tom Ford refers...
Sounds like you have the right size.  New shoes often slip a little bit until they are broken in. 
      Today I got a pen mark a suit jacket.  The tricky part is that the fabic is 70% silk and 30% linen.  Everything that I could find at the grocery store either did not work on ink (tide pen) or said not to use on silk.  Any suggestions?
I love my iphone.
  To my knowledge and memory, Sid Mashburn is full canvas.  I dont own any tailored clothing from Sid, but have looked at it admiringly several times.  It usually has nice details.  For the money, the Sid Mashburn private label stuff is nice across the board.   Burberry London has great cuts (I think they have 3 fits?).  To me thats the strength of the line.  I have a Burberry London suit that is in my regular rotation and a favorite.  It is half-canvased.    I would vote...
  2.  As far as tie width, I would stick with the general rule that your tie width should correspond to the width of your lapels. You appear to be all into the madmen look etc.   I too am a big fan of the look and the 60's asthetic. However, IMO be careful with that.  If somone was walking around with a lapel and tie as wide as Don Draper's, I would think they were dressed by Thom Browne.  I think a true 60's look goes to far.  it becomes a costume.    4.  Collar length...
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