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So this happened to my duffel today:         Had about 10kg+ of stuff loaded in the bag.   Took it off my shoulder, and during that motion I suppose the opening latch part must have momentarily been subject to the full weight of the bag - with the result of pulling it wide open as there's no proper lock mechanism in the hook design.   I managed to get the hook forced back into the normal position with a pair of pliers, but am left wondering how many repeat...
When filling in the custom measurements form, do you want actual body measurements, or expected garment measurements?
Sleeves seem a bit short.     Could try stretching them carefully after a soak?
 I know Dugdale has a few options in their line-up. Not sure if Luxire stocks them, but couldn't hurt to ask if they could order a roll/cut even in the case they don't currently.
Yeah, not really a fan of the 3-button cut, and the length looks a tad short.   Personally I would be interested in a ~5 button casual jacket which lapels you could roll/fold down as needed for a makeshift "workwear" blazer, but which you could also wear fully closed/buttoned up to the top if you'd want to.
The herringbone CPO looked extremely nice, but somehow the Melton fabric versions don't wake any similar emotions in me. Just not rustic enough maybe?     Also while the fabric is nice looking, 8 Oz weight sounds awfully light for the intended use - would be light even for a suit jacket, much less an actual overcoat.
They didn't just "tweak" the color of a shirt, they changed it to something completely different. Even if you personally think it is of no issue, the fact is they are selling product A with images that are actually from product B. Someone happened to notice this and pointed it out. This is a good thing. It allows people to freely evaluate the situation and draw their conclusions. There's no reason to hush over the fact that this happened to happen just "because they give...
  Doing something 'right' does not give you a free pass to have people ignore the fact that you do something else wrong. What's your opinion of all those online chinese/indian suit retailers that steal all their product images from the product catalogs of more well-known manufacturers? The basic principle is not much different from this case - they're trying to sell you something that is not actually represented by what they have on display.  Sure, 'shopping on some level...
I have an olive duffel. It's a nice looking piece of kit. The waxed canvas is lovely and the weight & feel is just right for a "scruffy" bag like this. That said, I have some question marks about some of the construction choices, though only time will tell whether any of these will become a real issue. Comments welcome. -The fastening of carry strap attachment D-rings to the bag itself. [  The D-ring leather straps are attached to the bag (seemingly?) by the same seam that...
 While the idea of wool jeans has a certain charm in the quirkyness, I'd wager chinos would be more versatile (/"conservative") option in terms of usefulness. Considering it's going to be more expensive than your usual products going for a novelty item might not be the best option? Also, any reruns planned for the Hickory stripe workshirt?
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