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 While the idea of wool jeans has a certain charm in the quirkyness, I'd wager chinos would be more versatile (/"conservative") option in terms of usefulness. Considering it's going to be more expensive than your usual products going for a novelty item might not be the best option? Also, any reruns planned for the Hickory stripe workshirt?
Anyone with a chore coat in size medium care to take shoulder measurement? Would be appriciated!
Yeah, I would suppose it's mostly an issue for the tall and lankier guys, though looks like there's a few really big ones in here as well going by the replies! In my case, i would technically go by small (~38+" chest), but at 6' 2" and 34½" shirt arm length the other measurements don't quite add up. My brother, who is a bit more built (~40) and at 2" shorter he can wear the medium OK, as Josh notes.
I know this is probably a long shot, but have you guys any future plans to offer long sizes for your jackets?   Looking at the size guide, it seems there are slim pickings for people in the 6ft+ category, with the trucker coming way short in back length, and the chore coat falling short in the sleeve department.
 +1 Chinos from the chore coat fabric would be great!
There is a Meermin in japan, but Japan has a 30% tariff on imported leather shoes. Guess what that means for the pre-VAT price? :p
I have 2 pairs of meermins, both size 8.5, one in Hiro, the other an Olfe. For me, the Hiro was pretty good, though the high heel cup kept rubbing the what-ever-bone(that bump on outer side of my right foot) initially, which was a bit annoying. Olfe in comparison to Hiro is definitively more pointier in terms of looks. Width-wise they appear to be pretty close, and my toes have equally comfortable room on both - the Olfe is slightly longer and the shape is a tiny bit less...
 Aw, no pics of the cap-less adelaide?
Yeah, these things weigh like 2-3 pounds and are way thicker than what you can expect of your usual cardigan. They are bulky and will by nature not drape/flow as smoothly as a lighter garment.
FWIW I ordered my regular size - I weigh about the same as you but am taller at 6' 2". For me, the knits are tight in the arms and slightly so in the chest, but fairly loose at the waist.
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