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How would one go taking care of the "dry clean only" Merino wool button-down? Always use an undershirt to prolong armpits taking on stink & air it out?     Or is the dry-clean requirement more of a typical "we want to take no responsibility for regular wear & tear on your garment" - thing?  I mean, dry clean for regular everyday clothes is a bit excessive and cost-phrohibitive - and there's plenty other merino stuff that survives hand washing/delicate machine cycle...
Would really recommend through (multiple) washes before hemming based on my own experiences.   The two gustin jeans I have were initially long enough that I needed to cuff them with boots on when new. Now, however, my supple sixteens have shrunk to the point where they're just about too short to be worn without boots. The lighter weight black x black's are holding up a bit better, but are also really borderline. Both must have shrunk by more than an inch (the supple's...
I have the Postal Herringbone workshirt, and it's probably my favourite Gustin item. The fabric does take on a more "stripey" and less "herringbone" character as it ages & fades, though, so be aware. Personally I'd immediately buy pants in the fabric if available in a chino cut (even if it does fade with age), but not quite sure if I'd want to jump on a jeans train though - patterned jeans just feel a bit odd to me personally.
Is it just me, or is there absolutely no way to contact them on the new website?   No "contact us" information or web form, no information/inbox in the customer account, no e-mail adress anywhere to be seen?
@joshgustin   Chances the #21 camel herringbone chinos ever see a return? So bummed I missed out on those. All in all it'd be nice to see the subtly quirky fabrics slightly more often in the rotation.
Site is now "under maintentance".     A sign of someone fixing technical problems or a sign of things to come?
It's been a long while, but I do feel it lost some of the "dustyness" from the soak. Like, the soaking water wasn't blue/indigo shaded, but more of a peach color.     Have also machine-washed mine now a few times on gentle cycle (inside-out). Some mildly faster fading to be spotted in areas subject to abrasion/wrinkles, but otherwise the color is relatively uniform.
 I soaked mine in warm/hot water twice - I wanted some shrinkage as the shoulders were just a teeny bit wide for me out of box, and after the dippings it does fit slightly better. I guess the shoulders came in something like 0.25-0.5", or it might just be that the fabric is now more wrinkled/creased and as such appears less wide. I did make sure to pull out the fabric in the arms at regular intervals when drying, as to not have any extra shrinkage there. I actually think i...
Yep. Two workshirts, one button come undone on each + some unraveled/loose thread ends in the others. For what ever reason this seems to be a somewhat common issue with many machine-sewn buttons. No idea why this is the case, I guess some machines just suck at finishing the "final knot" equivalent? It makes one wonder though, I have some el-cheapo shirts (uniqlo) where the button's have stayed in place for years.
Yoox comes to mind.
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