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It's been a long while, but I do feel it lost some of the "dustyness" from the soak. Like, the soaking water wasn't blue/indigo shaded, but more of a peach color.     Have also machine-washed mine now a few times on gentle cycle (inside-out). Some mildly faster fading to be spotted in areas subject to abrasion/wrinkles, but otherwise the color is relatively uniform.
 I soaked mine in warm/hot water twice - I wanted some shrinkage as the shoulders were just a teeny bit wide for me out of box, and after the dippings it does fit slightly better. I guess the shoulders came in something like 0.25-0.5", or it might just be that the fabric is now more wrinkled/creased and as such appears less wide. I did make sure to pull out the fabric in the arms at regular intervals when drying, as to not have any extra shrinkage there. I actually think i...
Yep. Two workshirts, one button come undone on each + some unraveled/loose thread ends in the others. For what ever reason this seems to be a somewhat common issue with many machine-sewn buttons. No idea why this is the case, I guess some machines just suck at finishing the "final knot" equivalent? It makes one wonder though, I have some el-cheapo shirts (uniqlo) where the button's have stayed in place for years.
Yoox comes to mind.
Anyone want to chime on on the Ron last? I'm kind of yearning for the copper loafers, but the fit problems make me wary - I'm particularly worried about the instep.   I take an 8.5 in Olfe, and it is pretty much a perfect fit for me. Contrast Hiro, which in the same size is a smidgen too big for me at the instep - I have to lace the buttons all the way close, and while still wearable, would preferably have the shoe fit tighter.     From browsing this thread I see some...
Welp, nevermind, guide is actually on the jacket page itself, lol.
@Luxire What kind of measurements would you need for a jacket? I couldn't find any instructions on the webpage. Would measuring based on the shirt measurment guide work out?   As the fit in a jacket isn't quite as critical as in a suit/sport coat, I'd be willing to take the gamble and avoid the hassle/risk of sending  stuff abroad if at all possible.
 I think Gustin's quality is generally good for the price. But the world is full of cheap clothing today, and with an internet where you can get MTM stuff for the same price or less compared to many retail options, it's a good question to ask what Gustin offers over possible alternatives. For me, their main value proposal is in the variety of fabrics, sourced from from reputed "western" fabric mills, that they offer at a mostly competitive price point. Sure you have to...
So this happened to my duffel today:         Had about 10kg+ of stuff loaded in the bag.   Took it off my shoulder, and during that motion I suppose the opening latch part must have momentarily been subject to the full weight of the bag - with the result of pulling it wide open as there's no proper lock mechanism in the hook design.   I managed to get the hook forced back into the normal position with a pair of pliers, but am left wondering how many repeat...
Sleeves seem a bit short.     Could try stretching them carefully after a soak?
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