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 That looks amazing! How much will the finished version difference from the prototype?
 Tokyu hands have shoe trees. I have no idea about the quality, but some of the trees looked OK.
Love those button boots! I need to make place for another pair of button boots in my shoe budget for 2016.
Woho, looking forward to it!
I agree, it's amazing!
 I don't think it is C&J. There are is C&J store on the same street, like 200m from Skoaktiebolaget.
 Please tell me more about this!
Could some one please recommend good Japanese bag brands that preferable has ready to order or MTO/Bespoke that doesn't have 1 year+ waiting time. It would also be great if the brand is available in Tokyo. 
I call first dibs on any kudu leather! 
My first pair of MTO shoes from Hiro Yanagamachi are ready for delivery. I can't wait until I receive them! I will probably order a pair of bespoke shoes from him next year.  
New Posts  All Forums: