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I just received pictures of my trial shoes from Clematis Ginza.      
You can always find an excuse for traveling back to Japan. I will probably go back for the third time in 3 years next april.
 If I remember correct the name of the brand is "Adjustable Costume". The shoes can be found on their homepage.
 +1 on this. What sole is it going to be?
 Fantastic write-up ThunderMarch! I am looking forward to hear more about Eiji Murata.
I would say that the Seamless wholecut from Enzo Bonafé is more skewed against purple then red tbh. However their are a red component in the colour. It i's really hard to describe the exact colour since it shifts depending on the lightning. All in all it is an awesome shoe with a great colour. This is how they looked out of the box:
Visited Clematis on my recent trip to Tokyo:      
Is it coming any new G&G this spring/summer?
So much shoe porn right now. I can't handle it. 
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