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 Please tell me more about this!
Could some one please recommend good Japanese bag brands that preferable has ready to order or MTO/Bespoke that doesn't have 1 year+ waiting time. It would also be great if the brand is available in Tokyo. 
I call first dibs on any kudu leather! 
My first pair of MTO shoes from Hiro Yanagamachi are ready for delivery. I can't wait until I receive them! I will probably order a pair of bespoke shoes from him next year.  
There are like 20 public holidays a year in Sweden. Too few if you ask me!
I would be surprised if it is a firewall that is the blocking redirects. It's probably something else. I am pretty sure that the problem is that it is going from http://www.SKOAKTIEBOLAGET.SE to http://us.SKOAK.COM. If had been within the same domain name it would have been fine. So http://www.SKOAKTIEBOLAGET.se to http://us.SKOAKTIEBOLAGET.se would't have been any problem. My guess is that some web filter is blocking the redirect since it isn't within the domain. There...
If I'm not completely wrong the shoe to the right in the picture is mine 
Is the surcharge for the creation of a bespoke last from Enzo Bonafé the same as in the "ENG_Boanfe_Pricelist2015" pdf (2900kr)? Or is it changed? Is it only one fitting or how does it work?
Maybe that's the reason I have been looking for to buy a new pair of shoes, but I'm not sure if my girlfriend will agree with me that I need a pair of shoes that are fire retardant.
I think it's time to bring this thread alive. So here is a picture of the Union Imperial Prestige shoes I bought in Tokyo:
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