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I have now ordered two shirts from 100hands. Dress shirt from the GOLD line Casual shirt from the BLACK line   I am very exited in seeing the difference and the quality of the shirts.     I agree with @Markboots. Akshat is super friendly and you can really feel that he cares about customer value. I will make another post when I have received the shirts with a quick review.
Thank you! Yes indeed. Every trip to Japan is so expensive since their are so many things to buy.
Thank you so much! That is what I was going for.
I have just received some pictures of my first pair of shoes from Clematis Ginza. They are waiting to receive the shoe trees then they will send the shoes to me.  
Great post as always ThunderMarch! 
 I agree with both you and ThunderMarch. One of the biggest problem as you are saying are the taxes and shipping rates. I have been working with some people from Japan in my work and I don't think the difference in culture is that big, but their are differences. All the RTW shoes I have seen from the better makes have been great value for the money they cost. I have a pair of shoes from Union Imperial Prestige that I am very pleased with. If I remember correct the price...
Yeah he is from Naples, but he has launched his own online shop so I don't know if it makes since to start selling through Skoak as well.
My second pair of shoes from Hiro Yanagimachi is on it's way.
I just received pictures of my trial shoes from Clematis Ginza.      
You can always find an excuse for traveling back to Japan. I will probably go back for the third time in 3 years next april.
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