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  Yup that's true :)
4km for me on the treadmill today. Trying to keep this as my routine since I do weights as well. Trying for 6 days a week to shed off the extra weight I've been carrying with me for the past 7 years!
Definitely go with the suit.
Any of these as well:   Particularly like the middle brown, and am iffy on the extreme right.
Hey TNOM, I think the somber look would work very nicely as the pants are light and so a darker, sedate tie would balance the look. For an idea on what I think might work, take a look at the 3 pics in the link:   I think all would work, but I personally like red (Like upr_crust's tie) and grey (although the combo might be a tad overplayed).
Navy, Deep red/ russet, pink, orange, green purple... Hard to see what kinda shade wouldn't work. The orange stripe might be a trickster, but I can't really tell from the pic.   EDIT: What kinda look are you going for? Something somber or something more lively?
Under both loops.
[spoiler] [/spoiler]   Long time lurker, but i had to comment on this tie - it's great!
  We use some standardised in-house templates as well as templates which are made by clients. Many of them do have DCF and Peer Comps tables. I've never done scatter charts and any form of technical analysis looking at price fluctuations though.    I can tell you life as an outsourced analyst is not great either, but I guess it depends on the clients you get. I've worked a three month project which was for one of the largest data providers who was serving an investment...
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