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Looking to sell a pair of 6 months old Ladbroke Grove 12,5oz size 31, if anyone's interested hit me up! I've just lost a ton of weight and these don't fit anymore
  Thanks!     I am indeed, was gonna inbox you, sorry mate 
  Fit on the Navy Stark in M that I received today. I'm 5"7 158lbs
  Would say S
  I'm a 38.5" chest
I think the fit is spot on RuffyD
  Thanks I just ordered one for $210 and will sell it on here (Already have someone interested) if I don't like the fit
Decided it's my turn to get mine while taking advantage of the end of season sale as well but need your help guys. I'm 5ft7 and 159lbs and I'm looking for that kind of fit :            Do you guys think I should go for the small or the medium size? Also, if I can buy a brand new medium navy one for $210 do you think I should just buy it and sell it on SF if it doesn't fit? (Shop won't let you return items on sale)   Thanks!
  How much would sell a watch band for sir? 
Ok I'll send you a PM with my order ASAP :)
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