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Anyone who knows if you can buy Meermin anywhere else than in their own stores (Madrid and Tokyo)? Going to Barcelona and would like to try some other lasts than the Olfe I have bought online.
Killing it as always ianGP!
Placed my order on the 8th of sep. and got the delivery on the 1st of oct.
   Thanks all for the input!I will try khaki and maybe also a gray pant for sure! Did some browsing in some stores today and maybe olive also will work for this but I´m not sure.
Order separately.
I have a black jacket but no idea of what colour of pants that could work with it. I know that this is not a favourite of SF (neither for me) but something must work? Is it possible to find a good match or is it doomed to be worn only as a whole suit reserved for funerals..?
Got my pair of 12153Y from the Classic collection, Olfe last. Probably first real wear tomorrow, will update here after some time on how they feel.  
----------> http://www.styleforum.net/t/253842/waywrn-mc-casual-style/13365
Nice outfit! What shoes are those, Meermin Hiro last?
The US online shop sell a very small range of Slim Fit shirts, is there a larger varienty in a US Polo Ralph Lauren store? Also, does anyone know if the US Slim Fit varies in size from the Euro version?
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