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I just want to get some plain hidden placket shirts, will they be putting up later this week?
UU isn't available online!? :(
Let me know what you have, interested mainly in last season waxed denim but I am up for hearing what you have and I will make an offer.
Sold out Acne tee, brand new never worn. Size is labeled "M/L".   Perfect color for fall.
Balmain?   I've been looking for so long for them. I had a chance to get them from Ssense last year but for some stupid reason I passed. 
Seriously debating that Alpaca...
Just ordered my first Yohji piece    Dark grey pants, will post a fit when I get them. Really excited.   I love tailored looks but sometimes I feel like I want to switch it up.
Is there anyone here who is tall and skinny who can pull off Yohji? I notice his work more on shorter guys, and I love some of his pieces and his aesthetic but am scared that I am too tall to make it work (6'4 150 lbs).
Does anyone have some/can pick up some UU broadcloth white shirts in size large? Will pay markups... thank you!
Let me know what you have!
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