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Does ssense charge VAT? When shipping to the US
This.   Margiela tees do the same, I love it.
How do slim fit RRL denim fit? I am a 32 in Levi, 30 in Raw APC (So that it eventually fits 32). I have heard I need to size two down, I am looking to get these maybe:
Does anyone know what this flannel is or a similar one?
I need an awesome shawl collar cardigan.
How do the velcro MMMs fit? GAT 46s are too small for me barely, will the velcros fit?
Pusha and Kendrick are both fantastic. Pusha is much edgier, and Kendrick is a better storyteller.
Holy fuck Black/White Ramones in my size for under $600    My fucking dream shoe.   But... should I cop?
Actually impressed with the collection. Checked everything out today. The shoes are shit but the rest is above average significantly, I hated that camel coat Kanye wore until I saw it and tried it on and it was an instant cop. 
In store sales at Saks start tomorrow? 
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