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Hey man, would you say the shoes are true to size? Could you compare the size with C&R, Church's or simliar?
Tianzi people? Did I miss something? If you're looking to have more mtm shoes made, you should pay yan ye a visit (1363 fuxing road). I'm very happy with my first pair (a copy of Corthay Arca), and just ordered a second pair. Obviously, don't expect Santoni quality for rmb 1500, but the fit is great and the leather is full grain. So far I assess the quality to be a bit better than my Loake 1880 shoes, but with better fit and for a better price.
I beg to differ, prices are generally very low in China, as long as you stick to domestically produced goods (not always food/groceries though). Prices are a bit higher in Shanghai than the rest of China though, I'll give you that. And you'd be surprised if you knew how much extra foreigners pay on certain goods, though not all. Chinese do generally not have more money than we, not yet, and that's exactly why many westerners get to pay higher prices (I'm not to say this...
I've been contemplating getting a pair of bespoke shoes from Jack Peng for quite a while now. Finally, I had decided which pair of shoes I wanted to do, a copy of Corthay Arca. I went to the shop this morning and spoke with the vendor. I kindly asked if she could tell me where the leather used comes from, which tannery specifically, but she did not want to reveal that. Last time I was there, I had been promised that the shoes themselves costs about RMB 2500 (for the...
I'm just about to have my first pair made. I'll get back to you guys with a review when done.
I love this thread :)
This is the newest addition to my shoe rack, a pair of loafers from Paolo Scafora, soon ready to be worn without socks (come spring). The poor quality of the iPhone camera does not display the true beauty of these shoes and its finishing     . Thoughts or comments?
I certainly hope they make decent shoes and I am certain already they do not play in the same league as Loake 1880. I have had Loake shoes for a long time (not to say Loake are bad).   The big problem with reviewing shoe quality, is that it takes at least three or four years before one may get a fair indication of the quality of the leather, and not to be underestimated, the construction. Good luck to you Doughie as well, I urge you to review your shoes as well, when...
I just bought a pair of Italigente Venezia II. I will be happy to get back to you guys when I've got a better feeling of the shoe, both construction and leather. I will of course post a picture of the shoes when aged for a while. Judging from the people behind this company and the factory used, I believe this brand may have more to offer than one might believe at first. If however, proven to be of insufficient quality, I won't be afraid of posting it here.
Hey guys,   I just bought my first pair of Italigente shoes. I will be happy to get back to you when I get feeling for the quality of the leather and construction. Don't worry, I won't be afraid to criticize something just because I bought it myself. The brand is Swedish, but she shoes are made in a respectable factory in Northern Italy. Look out for a post!
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