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Good guess. I ended up saving just a few dollars on this small exchange, but I wanted to experiment. 
  My most recent experience from late Feb with calf MTO was also €420 for the shoes, but closer to your experience (€505) after all incidentals:  Shoes (€420) + Trees (€30) + Metal toe taps (€20) + FedEx to Canada (€35) = €505 Total after VAT deduction however: €410      
Looks like his head is about to snap off. 
Any former Married with Children fans out there? "Hmm Hmm Him" will mean something to you then.   Best TV depiction of a tune stuck in your head that you can't quite remember. Just watched that episode again yesterday. Hilarious!
While I generally hate blogs and refuse to read them, this one caught my eye when it made news locally. A blog devoted to publicly shaming those with improper etiquette on public transportation in my hometown of Toronto:
While I completely agree with your list, providing a valid explanation or at least some justification for each sin would further strengthen this thread. 
  Saphir Dubbin Graisse Conditioner is meant for this. I've only used it once, so I can't really say if it's done very much...but go easy on the trigger. Kirby at the Hanger Project gives a little write-up here. 
As a follow-up from a few weeks ago, some of us North Americans were discussing costs of ordering direct from Vass, specifically using CurrencyFair. My very limited experience:   Shoes: 420 EUR, Trees: 30 EUR, Metal toe taps: 20 EUR, Shipping: 35 EUR Total: 505 EUR Minus VAT reduction: 410 EUR (woo-hoo!)   Cost to buy 410 Euro for wire transfer at my bank: 558 CAD Cost to buy 410 Euro from CurrencyFair (same day): 544 CAD (near interbank rate)   Wire...
  Here is a link to a pdf that is marginally better than the website. You can mix/match and just about do whatever from what I've seen. 
Thank you Louis XIV and rikod. I really like the F last and thinks it works well for any derby I've seen. I also love the Dover, and want to pick up a pair as well.    Very nice archangle13! Please re-post photos after a good polish.    Here you are:  
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