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 www.wolfvsgoat.comcheck out the dedicated thread here on SF or for that matter PM Mauro.  he will be more than happy to discuss his clothing and help you find the right size.  if you buy into customer loyalty program you get 50% off purchases for life.
can't go wrong with Wolf vs. Goat button downs.  the overdye line is probably perfect for what you are looking for @in stitches . Before Dinner style = slim/darted back After Dinner = more relaxed fit but by no means baggy or loose.
i thought the underwear thing was a joke....but if it is actually for real i'm still totally onboard!!!
  buffalo check + old style WvG chinos + oakstreet boat shoes.
you can get them for around $200 from framesdirect.
check the 9649...same thing with slimmer frame.  definitely worth looking at.  i was convinced 649 was perfect and then tried the 9649 for the hell of it and liked it better. 
Mauro, when will we be seeing some of these new shorts???  I could use 2 or 3 new pairs for this summer and I'll gladly hold out for WvG if they are coming in the next month or so
please post the leg opening & inseam measurements as well.  thanks!
When will the those shorts get released?  What is the typical leg opening and inseam?  Very interested.
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