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I'm stuck in an office with crappy lighting most of the day. I'll try to get a pic after work in natural light.  
the green herringbone chinos arrived yesterday and they are awesome.  the material is really nice with a very subtle herringbone pattern...not really noticeable unless you are wearing the pants  but it gives a nice bit of texture to the feel.  the color is also darker than i thought but still great...almost a dark forest green or evergreen color.     enzo fit is spot on as always.  WvG Enzo chinos are by far the best fitting chino's I've tried.  
grabbed the green enzo chinos in the sale.  had my eye on them previously...couldn't resist now.   i was in the process of buying the Toni suit and somebody snatched it from my cart :(.  looks awesome and amazing deal at this price.
i'd imagine since they are suede treat them like any other pair of suede shoes. suede brushsuede erasersome type of the water/stain repellent spray ( 
EP olive crewneck + Golden Graham Rivets (I think that was the name)    
@Mauro , what is the timeline for the henley preorder?  Approximately when will they ship?  
the Alabaster's looks amazing.  I'm kicking myself for not getting in on that pre-order.   I assume the answer is no...but I wonder if EP made any extras?  Maybe a future run?
I'm excited to see some fit pics of the Watcher jacket.  That coat looks so nice.  I'd be all over it if I didn't buy a Schott Peacoat last winter.  I could be tempted to sell the Schott and order the WvG coat...but I want to see the final production model. 
i ordered Dark Sienna & Green henleys.  by far my favorite style henley.  pumped!     some other colors would be nice....   @Mauro, if you see this did you pick a winner for the instagram henley color contest?  What about all of our other color suggestions???
is the size guide showing up for anyone for the new denim?  the pop up box is empty on my comp.
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