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i have something very similar to these now - http://www.shepherdsflock.com/foot.html honestly not sure who made them...i've had them for 10+ years and the leather sole is worn through.   i love Quoddys but I'm not about to drop $300 on slippers.  plus i dont see being able to get the Quoddy's with a fluffy sheepskin lining.  
anyone have slipper recommendations?  i need a new pair.   not sure who to look at besides LL Bean (wicked good mocs) and Ugg.  
i don't know about outerwear but i got confirmation from Mauro last night that the Henley preorders ship from Italy by the December 15th so hopefully they will make it out right around xmas.
size down 1 like they recommend.  i have the thinsulate version and even sized down i can thick socks comfortably.
Yup, those pics are very accurate colorwise. Thanks for posting, trig. I completely forgot to take pics after work.
I'm stuck in an office with crappy lighting most of the day. I'll try to get a pic after work in natural light.  
the green herringbone chinos arrived yesterday and they are awesome.  the material is really nice with a very subtle herringbone pattern...not really noticeable unless you are wearing the pants  but it gives a nice bit of texture to the feel.  the color is also darker than i thought but still great...almost a dark forest green or evergreen color.     enzo fit is spot on as always.  WvG Enzo chinos are by far the best fitting chino's I've tried.  
grabbed the green enzo chinos in the sale.  had my eye on them previously...couldn't resist now.   i was in the process of buying the Toni suit and somebody snatched it from my cart :(.  looks awesome and amazing deal at this price.
i'd imagine since they are suede treat them like any other pair of suede shoes. suede brushsuede erasersome type of the water/stain repellent spray (http://www.amazon.com/Tarrago-Hightech-Nano-Protector-Spray/dp/B003U47QBY) 
EP olive crewneck + Golden Graham Rivets (I think that was the name)    
New Posts  All Forums: