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My order already shipped.  got the email this afternoon.
for casual wear i would probably go with Clay but i'm sure your wardrobe is different.  i dunno what you're looking for.
check out Unis Gio and Epaulet Rivet Chino also.
amazon or any cobbler...lots of options.
i'm 5'-8", 145...should i go small or medium in villian?   i want a slim fit but not super tight.  i see most people size up so my inclination is medium....
i need a new plain grey hoodie.  looking at Reigning Champ and The John Elliott & Co. Villian.   anybody have both or an opinion on either?  i know everyone seems to love RC sweats but the Villian with its side zippers just seems like something unique and kinda cool....
bean boots when its really wet/snowy/nasty
hah woops.  size Small.  i'll edit the original to include.
anybody wanna trade a moment or memento for a triple grey stark (size small)???  i've found that i prefer my green melange colorway much more than the grey in the stark...plus 2 starks is kinda redundant.  maybe 10 wears max on it. willing to throw in some cash too as i know some sweaters cost more than the stark.  i'm interested in either a small or medium.
different boots but yes..  vibram half sole on Oak Street Trench Boots.
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