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so this is an odd question but i figured i'd toss it out there...   anybody have recommendations for a nice quality diaper bag?  something that is fairly gender neutral that my wife and i would both be comfortable carrying?  everything i've seen is either super feminine or a terrible looking nylon messenger bag marketed towards dads.   got a little dude on the way at the end of April...wife is in hardcore nesting mode now as we are getting the nursery together and...
that sounds awesome.  very interested to see what you can put together with them. if not going with a high neck (stark style) cardigan I vote for the Private style.  I'm not a fan of the Version cut.
pumped for my 2 henleys.  got any pics?   what happened with the fabric?  i remember you said you had to change materials or something like that?
i disagree.  that photo looks pretty accurate to me.  matches my sidezips.
hahaa i know the feeling...but I'm definitely putting a hold on denim for now. 2 years on my nicely faded 3sixteen shadow'sabout 1 year on a pair of RGT Slubby StantonsEPLA Wilshires in EggshellEPLA Wilshires in Greyanddddd this weekend I finally washed my old N&F Pomegranate selvedge and they fit 100x better now.  I'm actually really happy with them for the first time ever.  Need to squeeze these into the rotation somehow.   def done on denim :)
Got my Grey Wilshires from the clearance sale yesterday.  Sad to see the Wilshire cut go but I completely understand why.     I have the Eggshell and Grey Wilshires now.  I'm really glad I snagged the Grey.  It's almost a Steel Blue/Grey color.  Looks great.  Plus the Wilshire fit is perfect on me.  I can't decide if I like the fit of 3sixteens or the Wilshire question now but I think I'm set on denim for a few years.     Would be cool to see the Wilshire fit...
i have something very similar to these now - honestly not sure who made them...i've had them for 10+ years and the leather sole is worn through.   i love Quoddys but I'm not about to drop $300 on slippers.  plus i dont see being able to get the Quoddy's with a fluffy sheepskin lining.  
anyone have slipper recommendations?  i need a new pair.   not sure who to look at besides LL Bean (wicked good mocs) and Ugg.  
i don't know about outerwear but i got confirmation from Mauro last night that the Henley preorders ship from Italy by the December 15th so hopefully they will make it out right around xmas.
size down 1 like they recommend.  i have the thinsulate version and even sized down i can thick socks comfortably.
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