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 i'm very curious to know how that wrapped vibram sole holds up vs. a traditional boat shoe sole.  i'll be purchasing a new pair of boat shoes this summer.does anybody have experience with both?
i'm not overly impressed right off the bat.  going to hold off until i read some reviews.
going with the Massdrop idea would be awesome.  (www.massdrop.com)   No, I don't work for them.  I haven't even bought anything from the site but I think it's really cool how it works.  
does anybody have a phone # for john elliott + co or Gray Vision LLC who does their shipping?   I had 2 packages scheduled to be delivered today (1 John Elliott and 1 other company) and I accidentally goofed and requested the JE+Co one to be held at a UPS facility when I meant to do it to the other package.  It's on the truck for delivery but UPS can't reverse it as stupid as that is.  They say I need to contact the shipper directly.  What a pain in the ass.....
I understand.  This could be the type of thing a poll and initial deposit from rewards members would work for.  Only get to vote if you are putting down a deposit...that way you have an actual # and you know what people may want going forward.  
 a casual knit or cotton sport coat would be awesome.  similar to the barena knit jackets.  i'd be all over that.  
really like the white ones.  might have to grab them.     i got the volt flyknit lunar 1s and i love them but the color doesnt really mesh well with much besides black/grey/white.
my grey villian should be here monday or tuesday.  i'll post some pics and a mini-review once i get it.
i wear my Stark with my TOJ A2 without the shearling collar all the time in the winter.  It looks odd with the shearling attached. the Stark collar still sticks over the jacket collar a bit but it works. 
 DP92 >>>>>> hirsh
New Posts  All Forums: