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yeah i think he got a virus.  delete the email.
You will definitely have extra room in the front if you measure a 6 on the brannock and order a 6.  I measure a 9 spot on and i actually got an 8 in the boat shoe (to wear without socks).  fit is perfect for me but i have a narrow foot.  i have a little room in the front but not much.   OSB on the Yahoo homepage today - http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/driven/son-re-invents-family-business--becomes-shoe-cobbler-to-the-stars-161954355.html
are you good friends with these people?  if so...do what you want.  they probably know you well enough to write off your "odd" fashion sense.  if you are not very close with most of these people, prepare to be judged.  i only say "odd" because if they are dressed in typical preppy gear, polo's and whatnot, you will stick out like a sore thumb.  more important than dressing "cool" would be to dress appropriate for the event.  what kind of birthday party is this?  think...
if it would require that much work, i completely understand. maybe the chambray LBM's run a little smaller. I'm only getting it taken in a bit at the back seam, and having the sleeves shortened.  Shoulders are a bit wider than my typical goto but I figure that it is acceptable on such a casual, unstructured jacket.  length was fine as well.  
the LBM jackets are cut pretty slim.  I normally take a 36 but I just bought a 38 LBM 1911 chambray jacket off another forum member and it fits pretty darn well.  It's at my tailor getting slimmed up just a tiny bit.  You might be able to get away with a 38 with minor alterations.   my only real gripe about going with a 38 and having it tailored a bit was the sleeve length.  going to loose the pick stitching there but it is what it is.
7 hidden posts in a row. not sure why i click on this thread anymore.
any chance 3sixteen offers a natural selvedge jean in the future? my shadow's are by far my favorite jeans and i'm looking to buy a nice pair of natural denim soon...would love to give my money to 3sixteen again.
natural wilshires should be coming soon i think.  def grabbing a pair of them.
the tie bar is just too long for that tie...or at least too long at that height.  i've always been under the impression that the tie bar shouldn't reach all the way across the tie.  maybe 3/4 is the sweet spot.
if you want a portable bluetooth speaker go with the Ultimate Ears Boom.  if you want something for the home go with Sonos. the UE Boom is one hell of a portable speaker.  highly recommended everywhere you look for reviews.
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