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how much will the waist stretch on the new eggshell denim?   also, they are sanforized right?  
rivets?  did you taper them?  great look overall.
thanks.  i'll prob try small for the undershirts but medium for the tee's. i like my undershirts to fit slim.  i wear RibbedTee's (size small) as undershirts right now but they are all getting old and starting to form some holes.
which size should i go with for the supima cotton tee's and supima undershirts?   normally wear jcrew slim small t's.   5'-8", 145 lbs, 37.5" chest
looks like they  have a few pairs in 30.  being that Lane Crawford is based in Hong Kong I'm assuming I'd get hit up with a customs fee as the shipment comes to the US?  
perfect.  those look great.  thanks!  as i said above, it's not about the cost...it's about a proper fitting pair of shorts with a slim leg.  difficult to find unless you know where to look. if anyone knows of any other similar companies/styles, let us know.  
lol being pretentious has nothing to do with it.  it's about the fit.
anybody know where to buy Orlebar Brown swim trunks at a discount?  or something similar but a little cheaper?  i need a new pair for the summer and my honeymoon this fall.  love the OB bulldog styling but can't justify dropping $240 for a new pair...
yeah i think he got a virus.  delete the email.
You will definitely have extra room in the front if you measure a 6 on the brannock and order a 6.  I measure a 9 spot on and i actually got an 8 in the boat shoe (to wear without socks).  fit is perfect for me but i have a narrow foot.  i have a little room in the front but not much.   OSB on the Yahoo homepage today - http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/driven/son-re-invents-family-business--becomes-shoe-cobbler-to-the-stars-161954355.html
New Posts  All Forums: