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the Alabaster's looks amazing.  I'm kicking myself for not getting in on that pre-order.   I assume the answer is no...but I wonder if EP made any extras?  Maybe a future run?
I'm excited to see some fit pics of the Watcher jacket.  That coat looks so nice.  I'd be all over it if I didn't buy a Schott Peacoat last winter.  I could be tempted to sell the Schott and order the WvG coat...but I want to see the final production model. 
i ordered Dark Sienna & Green henleys.  by far my favorite style henley.  pumped!     some other colors would be nice....   @Mauro, if you see this did you pick a winner for the instagram henley color contest?  What about all of our other color suggestions???
is the size guide showing up for anyone for the new denim?  the pop up box is empty on my comp.
Lol I was just making an observation. Calm down dude.If it is in fact the same material that is awesome.
the heavy brushed back blue 2-pocket flannel looks like the same fabric 3sixteen used on a previous run of their flannel shirts.  
The price tag of a lot of RgT shirts causes me to hesitate too, Cyc.     I love the workshirt cut but at full price ($255) they are tough to stomach.  If they were priced around $150 I wouldn't hesitate but I haven't pulled the trigger on any of them yet this fall. Really tempted by the red vintage and the natural flannel.  Will end of splurging on one eventually....waffling for now.
i loved how involved Mauro was with his customer base.  that's what drew me to WvG like 3 years ago.  he used to frequently post on the forums and update us about different materials/upcoming products/answer questions etc.   the brand feels so disconnected now.  i completely understand why he decided to bow away from the forums, but in doing so i was really hoping for a more detailed website with better info/better pics etc.  i hope these changes will be coming.   i...
yeah exactly.  #16 is prob my fav...the "waffle cotton" but i don't exactly know what that means.  I can make assumptions...  any word if henleys will be back this fall/winter?
not many of the flannels are really grabbing my attention.  i haven't bought one yet...   i wish the pics were better and descriptions a little more detailed.  
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