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order placed!  washed out chambray work shirt inbound. :)
oh really?  that has me slightly concerned as the shirt is on sale and not returnable if i order. For what it's worth i'm about 5'-8", 145lbs.  Wear a small in Epaulet and Wolf vs Goat (before dinner).  Anybody able to offer a sizing comparison?
Can anyone comment on shrinkage with the Washed Out Chambray Workshirt?  Based on the measurements a small will fit me pretty snug (which I want) but if it shrinks in the wash I might be in trouble.  Would only wash on cold and hang dry.   Thanks.
damn, really like that flannel.  how old is it?  i don't remember seeing it on the EP site....might have been before i got hooked.   on that note, are there any more flannels coming this winter?
hmmm, olive or grey in the new EPLA crewneck sweatshirt.  tough decision.....
anything else being added to the sale?
any chance of a 30 or 31 left in the latte donegal driggs?  
I'm a big fan of People Socks - http://www.peoplesocks.com/products/below-zero   Also for sale on Amazon.  Served me extremely well the past two years.
 Ah, no prob.  Open to woven or knit scarf, it doesn't matter.  Just something nicely made.  Today's snow reminded me that I don't own a single scarf.  
was there every any talk of WvG making scarves to go along with the beanies and mittens?    anyone have recommendations for nice scarves other than Stephan Schneider?
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