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what is sizing like on the tees?  i'm in between a medium and small in BD button downs.  Small BD overdyes are perfect but could be a little longer.  Some other BD's have shrunk a little bit and and up too tight/too short.  will the tees shrink any?  i'm not sure if i should go small or medium....
JE+Co, congrats on being picked as one of GQ's top new menswear designers for 2014!  Does this still entail doing a collection for Gap?  If so can you share anything that might be coming?
you need to explain why they didn't last a year....you have said in other threads that your pain cream eats through denim. your post could be very misleading for people who don't know about your "conditions" and thus hurt the brand.  be careful.   there is nothing weak with 3sixteen denim.  in my experience it holds up better than APC and Naked and Famous by far.  I'm going on 1.5ish years in my SL shadow selvedge jeans and there is no sign of weakness anywhere.  love them...
speaking of the pomegranate selvedge...has anyone ever come across any fade pics?  i wore mine a lot last winter but they haven't gotten a ton of wear this year.  the creases and whatnot have set in but they haven't really faded at all.  i don't think the synthetic pomegranate dye fades.  
For the Contest:   kick-ass blue overdye.  taken from my engagement shoot.  I posted a few other shots before:  
look at the Outlier Slim Dungarees (http://shop.outlier.cc/shop/retail/slim-dungarees.html).  not denim but the same cut/styling.
i expected to see a lot more entries this go round.  i can't believe nobody has done @in stiches yet.
go with a medium.  i'm the same size and i have a medium villian hoodie.  it fits nice and slim...no way would i size down. i can't imagine a sweatshirt fitting skin tight.....
yeah i'm going to keep them.  they look great straight on and are very comfortable.  i'm not worried about the slight arm flare.  saved like $150 over sunglass hut pricing i think.
can you post a few pics, @gettoasty?  Thanks for the review...you sound like you like it more than I thought most of SF would.  I'm kinda on the fence but for the price i guess it can't be beat.
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