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is there any timing pattern to when fabrics get uploaded (ie. every 10 or 15 mins?) or is it completely random?     always been curious but never timed it out.
not yet.  waiting patiently...sorta
no speed cap + skiing +jetpack was the coolest shit ever
hahaha wow I haven't thought about Tribes or Tribes 2 in a loooooong time.  those were the only games i ever got really involved in.  played in a few leagues...always Renegades.i still say the teamwork required in those games is unrivaled.
is the Rivet Ends for our Friends still happening tomorrow?
what is this jacket called?  i don't see it online.  really dig it! also does anyone know measurements for the new herringbone officer chinos (the light blue ones on the RRL site)?  need a waist measurement of approx. 31".
please post pics!  
nutella tweed is really tempting....   i liked the tan donegal (i forget the name) that was for sale this season better tho. 
unless he's a bigger guy i think you can cross the 3sixteens and RGT off the list. i don't know much about the others listed.   3sixteen SL - size 30 leg approx. 7.5" rgt slub stanton - size 29 - approx. 7.25"
RGT Stantons are still relatively slim.  I have 3sixteen SL's and RGT Stantons and the Stantons are a fair amount slimmer all over.  I'd prob knock them off your list.   How wide of a leg opening are you looking for?
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