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Allen Edmonds Strand (walnut) for $239 from Nordstrom.  Thinking about picking them up for my wedding...wearing a navy 3piece suit.  I don't have a nice pair of brown dress shoes.  Too casual or a good deal???
i guess none of you polo haters play golf.
that was me.  grabbed a pair from this sale. 
thats ridiculous but some great deals.  grabbing a pair of OB Bulldogs.  figure if they dont fit I can probably make a few books flipping them. 
@Mauro, it would be awesome if on the website there was a "Upcoming Products" tab or something like that.  even just a list...no pics necessary...estimated release dates would be even better.  i know everyone would love to know what is planned.   you do your best to update us here on styleforum but it would be a lot simpler for you and for all of us if there was one concise place to look to see what was in the pipeline.
anyone have other pics of the Grey/Black from the previous run?  I'm interested in how they fade.     These would be my first pair of Gustins.   previously had: N&F left hand twill weird guys - sold after a while (wasn't a fan of the fit - partially my fault as i sized down too much) N&F pomegranate weird guys - size 30, good but could probably have done a 29 for better fit. 3sixteen SL120x - size 30, love these.  my favorites by far Epaulet Eggshell wilshires -...
have you put much wear on them @Crane's?  how about giving us a review of how they compare to the Wolverines you are very familiar with.
does it qualify for US purchases also?  
what brand did you go with for the new "khakis"?  looking forward to fit pics.  I always say "khakis" when referring to chinos also.  I always assumed it was a "soda" vs "pop" thing...depending on where you grew up.
not really dressed for SF but I'm doing something!   PoloEpaulet French Blue lightweight ducks.     [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: