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any update on the Massdrop sport trainers?  I think they were slated for end of June / early July if I remember correctly...
i wear my pair regularly.  at least 3x per week if not more.  love them.  (considering dying them walnut...but love them regardless)
WvG has a snapchat now??  I have enough trouble keeping up with the blog, instagram, and facebook occasionally.  I wish everything was posted to all the social media sites.
Has anyone attempted to dye their tan boots darker?  I've been tossing the idea around as I really like the Walnut color but that wasn't offered when I got my sidezips.  I guess my main concern if I do it is if the new dye will be permanent or if it will run when it gets wet.  I've never dyed leather/suede...only messed around with dying some t-shirts and a sweatshirt.     Any advice appreciated!
as far as U-Neck size goes I'm a huge fan of the John Elliot Curved U-Neck (don't want to link and cause a thread hi-jack).  I feel like that size/depth is perfect.     I'm up for a little looser of a fit, maybe a slightly curved hem, and some pinching of the fabric at the seams. Rough edge and unfinished hems for sure.  Would love this in a off white or grey melange style fabric.  Can't be see through tho....
i'm in for a crab shirt for sure!
ah damn.  I already have the last pair of green Enzos.     If anyone has khaki Enzo's in size 31 or 32 they want to part with, please hit me up!!
chino color votes are live.  check your email.   comon khaki!! 
I haven't gotten a chino newsletter yet...waiting on it too!   I really need a pair of linen/lightweight dress pants for a beach wedding this summer but i'm not feeling the shades of navy.  I tried a pair of JCrew's slimmest dress pants in a light blue linen color (love the color) but the fit is wonky...the backside is perfect but the front/crotch looks really odd. I think it's an issue with how the pockets sit bc the rise is and other dimensions are really close to my...
i'm all in on the pre-order system. i hope we get to see more swatches down the line...or even a sample here and there.  but this is a great start!   pumped for the trousers and enzo's coming.  is it bad that I want Enzo's in a simple tan/khaki color lol?  I missed my size on the original run and don't have a pair of khakis that fit how i like...
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