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am I making this up or do I remember reading that there will be a Natural colored (err uncolored I guess) line of Wilshires coming soon?  White denim doesn't quite do it for me but a Natural color would be perfect!
i dunno if it is just me but i'm not seeing the "Accessories" tab anymore on the WvG homepage.  might want to fix that so people can find and buy the belts.
Will the code be emailed or do we use our normal tote holder code?
framesdirect has good prices.  easily save $150 versus buying from sunglass hut....but still more expensive then buying from ebay.  i'd rather pay a little more for peace of mind knowing what i bought was legit tho.
 www.wolfvsgoat.comcheck out the dedicated thread here on SF or for that matter PM Mauro.  he will be more than happy to discuss his clothing and help you find the right size.  if you buy into customer loyalty program you get 50% off purchases for life.
can't go wrong with Wolf vs. Goat button downs.  the overdye line is probably perfect for what you are looking for @in stitches . Before Dinner style = slim/darted back After Dinner = more relaxed fit but by no means baggy or loose.
i thought the underwear thing was a joke....but if it is actually for real i'm still totally onboard!!!
  buffalo check + old style WvG chinos + oakstreet boat shoes.
you can get them for around $200 from framesdirect.
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