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Looking for sizing advice for Tan Suede Sidezips...   I measured between a 40.5 and 41 on Lian's size guide.  He recommends going down to a 40 for a snug fit...I feel like he meant to say 40.5 as a 40 seems way too small. I measured my foot in thicker socks than normal as I will prob be wearing them in the fall/winter.       For what it's worth I wear a 9 in Nike (flyknit lunar 1's).  8.5 in Redwing work chukkas.
they look great to me.  looking forward to your official review SvB!     prob going to order tan sidezips myself (pending generally positive reviews on this batch).
awesome.  i'm looking forward to pics and reviews from everyone next week.  if all looks up to par i'm def ordering tan sidezips in the next batch.
is there anything in the sport trainers to help keep the tongue from rotating to the side like above?  (nitpicky...i know)
hmm...learn something new every day.  thanks  
really???  wow.  thinking back, the few purchases I've made through End have all been over $200.   can anyone else confirm this?
yeah but End pretty much is a guaranteed customs hit.  trying to avoid that.
is there any way to know what US retailers will get the wolf grey model?  really want to grab it but dont want to deal with customs.   (i'm not at all in the loop regarding sneaker releases)
who makes decent side zip boots?  i'm looking for a pair in a tan suede.  any suggestions on retailers to look at?   i know SLP and MMM but those are impossible to find and super pricey.     stepping down in price is Story Et Fall who I am paying very close attention too...leaning towards ordering from them if everyone is happy with the delivery coming soon.   There's Fiorentini & Baker but those are getting up there in price and difficult to find in the US.  
ok thanks.  i should add that I'm 5'-8", 140lbs or so.
New Posts  All Forums: