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just ordered the White Salt Washed Oxford.  Was a no-brainer when I realized my current white oxford is getting a little frayed.  Should be perfect for a beach wedding in a few weeks paired with some linen pants.
Mike, what's up with the Massdrop sport trainers? Their email about the delay is super vague.  Any chance of them shipping out in the next week or 2?
those Woven Presto's are pretty nice.  got a release date?
Yup.   I have never been disappointed with any product I've purcased from WvG...I'll always speak positively of the company and continue to purchase but there are 2 big things I would love to see and I've brought these up multiple times... 1.  A product pipeline page on the website.  We need to know what's coming in the future to plan purchases appropriately.  This would also eliminate a ton of questions here on Styleforum regarding what's coming and when.  I know...
Can someone repost the pics here?  I don't do snapchat...   I wish everything was posted to all the social media sites or even just the blog.  It makes keeping up with the brand a pain.
Got an update on the Massdrop trainers?
this is awesome! heather greybluefin (from overdye i think....or some shade of grey-blue)white tee would be nice if beefier to not be see-thrutangerine or yellow (but not super vibrant...thinking more of a muted/faded color)   edit:  i wonder if Mauro would consider making some pocket tee's too....
i backed the khaki shorts.  the measurements are very similar to 2 pairs of shorts I already own...WvG enzo shorts and a pair of Epaulet rivet chinos I had my tailor change into shorts.  pretty excited as i surprisingly don't have a pair of khaki shorts right now.   9" inseam is perfect for me.  I'm 5'-8" and 9" hits an inch or so above my knee.  pretty much perfect. 
yup...not crazy about black at all.  i didnt buy it.  i love WvG henleys too.  wish it was any color but black.  any word of new shorts this summer? I'd love another pair or 2 of Enzo shorts.
man i love the material for the Henley, Avocetta, but I'm not crazy about the black color....Seeing it made up might make a difference but I'm waffling hard on pulling the trigger.
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