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my hair definitely isn't long enough for a top knot
my hair does absolutely nothing without product in it.  it basically falls straight forward and a little to the side.  so for the past 10 years or so i have kept it short on the sides (#2 usually) and a bit longer on the top and used a little bit of B&B Sumotech or Redken Men Texture Control putty to give the top some texture.   this summer i let the top grow out and i really like the look...the top is about 3.5" and blended into the sides which are buzzed with a #2.  i...
too big but thanks.i wear 8-9 US depending on the shoe...prob 41 in CP's.
that's what i figured.  most places are sold out currently too. i dig the new Epaulet white tennis shoe too but I wish the suede was white also.  not feeling that abrupt color change at the heel.
best place (US) to grab Common Projects white achilles low?
if you find them on sale please let us (me) know.  i love my flyknit lunar 1's and could use a new pair soon.
any relation to e-dubble the baltimore rapper?
who's gonna be the first to check them out???  i'm kinda tempted...not gonna lie.  been wanting to grab the achilles for a while now but don't need to drop that kinda money at the moment.  wedding coming up taking priority. for $64 could be a great beater.  
have winners been announced for the other 2?
i'll bite...what is EMF?
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