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bummed i didnt grab that flannel.  great shirt.
the won't bleed. i emailed mauro bc i was curious.  
Anyone know if the Indigo henleys will fade or bleed?  I see the project description calls out Natural Indigo, but i dunno if Mauro tossed in any sort of dye stabilizer.   (wearing mine today for the first time....)
just got the Free Trainer 3.0V4 in wolf grey.  pretty happy with them for the gym.  squatting/deadlift feels much better than in my old flyknit lunar running shoes.  much more stable.  
Post a pic @wheen .  This thread needs more pics badly.
Filson 24hour briefcase may work....
I thought about that as I use a Filson Briefcase for work.  I dont't think my wife will go for the Filson tote because it doesn't have 50 organizational pockets inside.... I'll check Jack Spade.
so this is an odd question but i figured i'd toss it out there...   anybody have recommendations for a nice quality diaper bag?  something that is fairly gender neutral that my wife and i would both be comfortable carrying?  everything i've seen is either super feminine or a terrible looking nylon messenger bag marketed towards dads.   got a little dude on the way at the end of April...wife is in hardcore nesting mode now as we are getting the nursery together and...
that sounds awesome.  very interested to see what you can put together with them. if not going with a high neck (stark style) cardigan I vote for the Private style.  I'm not a fan of the Version cut.
pumped for my 2 henleys.  got any pics?   what happened with the fabric?  i remember you said you had to change materials or something like that?
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