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i'm all in on the pre-order system. i hope we get to see more swatches down the line...or even a sample here and there.  but this is a great start!   pumped for the trousers and enzo's coming.  is it bad that I want Enzo's in a simple tan/khaki color lol?  I missed my size on the original run and don't have a pair of khakis that fit how i like...
any word on new pants or tees coming this summer?     as awesome as Mauro's button downs are, i don't really need any new shirts currently....  really hoping for new tshirts (u-neck hopefully!!) and some enzo pants and shorts.
 the free trainer 4.0?  i went true to normal nike size i have 3 flyknits.... flyknit lunar one, flynit racer, and flyknit free trainer 3.0 v4.  i went up a half size in the lunar one (i assume due to the super cushy lunar sole taking up a bit more room) but went true to size with the others.
off the top of my head i want to say it was $20 or so.  it was a while back... call around to a few places for pricing.  Just make sure they file down the leather sole a bit before applying the topy.
yup.  had a local cobbler put them on my sidezips.  no issues...
i'm still waiting for more of the double pocket shirts to be made.....
so EP is gonna work it out for styleforum members to get their Massdrop trainers early right? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight??? ;)
sizing question for the sport trainers on massdrop...   i wear an 8 in AE Park Ave's with normal dress socks and an 8 in vans authentics (sized for no socks...with socks these are kinda tight).  so i'm leaning towards grabbing the alabaster sport trainers in 8.5  does that sound right or should i go with the 8?  
+1 for gas mask pocket.  Loved it on the TOJ's...haven't seen it elsewhere.  I think EP should do it :)
that same pic turned me off from the jackets but not bc of the Natural CXL color but rather bc the back of the jacket has no shape.  just a straight tube.... not a fan of the cut.     i know some people prefer the solid piece of leather...i just wish it had some shape.
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