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i finally got a tracking # for my shorts.  did anyone get theirs yet?   i'll post pics and a little review once they arrive.
anyone get their shorts yet?  Order Status says they are shipping last week and this week.   does Gustin send tracking #'s?
Can I get some Tennis Trainer size advice?  I wear a 9 in most Nike's.  8 in AE Park Ave.  8.5 in Vans Authentic.   Pretty sure I was told to go with an 8 for the sport trainers. Would I go 8 for tennis trainer as well?   Anyone know when the White Tennis Trainers will get restocked?  I goofed so hard :(.  I canceled my Massdrop Sport Trainer order with the plan to get in on the Tennis Trainer pre-order and completely forgot to place my order before I left for a...
I have a pair of SL-120x and they didn't stretch terribly.  Maybe 1.5" or so.     I will say that the material is probably my favorite denim that I have handled.  My pair is going on 4 years old and has held up (and faded!) extremely well.  They were my only jeans for probably 1.5 years but now have become part of a rotation.  Wish I got the ST cut now but they are still my most worn pair of denim.
I agree 100%.  I love my Enzo shorts. (not to derail but Gustin ran a shorts model a few months back that looked to be a direct copy of the Enzo shorts...i backed the khaki model but haven't received them yet)
White somelos oxford on the beach in Punta Cana for a wedding last Friday (with my beautiful lady). Phenomenal shirt.  Perfect weight, great cut.  
 depends on the person...  i like 9" it hits above my knee by about 2" or so id guess.  i like 7" for swim trunks.
I have 2 pairs of Rivets that are converted into shorts.... Red Oxford and a lightweight French Blue duck canvas.  I actually bought the red shorts from somebody here in the B&S forum.  I had them hemmed even more to a 9" inseam and they are perfect.  I was a little hesitant to have the French Blue Ducks made into shorts but I got them in the same 9" inseam and really like them.  The texture is nice.  Both are nice and slim.  I use their measurements as my baseline when...
Will the Massdrop trainers be delivered before this new Tennis Trainer pre-order ends? I'm very tempted to grab a pair of the tennis trainers but I want my Sport Trainers first to check size and really make up my mind.
I got the white Somaleo oxford earlier in the week.  Fantastic shirt.  The material is definitely on the lighter side.  Gonna wear it at a destination wedding next week on a beach in Punta Cana.  Should be perfect :)
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