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has anyone seen any of the Reference Jacket, Memento Cardigan, or Moment Cardigan's up for sale this season?
Sizing question for Mike/people with the Heirloom cardi...   My chest measures a little over 37".  OTR jacket size can be either 36 or 37 depending on the fit....somewhat broad shoulders too.  Should I go with the small or medium?  I want the fit to still be slim.  I have the engineer shirt in small and a small flannel from EP last winter.  Both of those shirts are very snug but fit fine. If it helps I also have a size small Stark that fits snug but perfectly....
want thermals!!  
it looks like the bottom button on all the chambrays is really high compared to other shirts.  
last years henleys fit a little loose for my liking.  the year prior they were super snug (nothing wrong with that tho)....hoping this year is a nice middle ground.
updated with measurements (sorry for the delay)
have winners been announced for the recent instagram contests? 
will update tonight.  no prob.
can you elaborate on why the brown fill will result in faster fades?  i would have thought the opposite....white interior / blue exterior seems more contrasty (new word???) than brown/blue.   that pic looks great btw.  i'm looking to get a pair of jeans that will fade into a more traditional lighter shade vs. the electric blue fading of the shadows.
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