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can anyone comment on the differences between the 3sixteen 14.5oz line vs the 17oz denim?  i have the shadow selvedge now which is 14.5oz and has been fading great and had a great feel right from the beginning.  i plan on purchasing a new pair of 3sixteens this fall...just curious about the heavier weight fabric.  will it really fade that much faster?  does it actually feel that much heavier/thicker than the 14.5oz line?  (those are the heaviest denim i've ever...
FYI your website is listed wrong on the facebook page.  it's missing the Co.
has anyone been able to confirm sizing with the fragment tennis shoes?  i wear a 9 in flyknits but that is really snug...not sure if i should size up with these
what's up with all the jellyfish photos on instagram? 
does this Amunzen material shrink a lot?  anybody wash their popover yet?   also, @Mauro how do we request an extra inch in body length on pre-orders?
Wow that jacket looks great Synth.  Slim the sleeves a touch and I'm sold.   Is there a summary post somewhere in this thread or would somebody mind giving the cliff notes real quickly??   ....i dunno how i missed this thread for so long.  Important info..... preorders - when/how/where?  price?  availability?  sizing appears to be being tweaked still, correct? (i read back through the previous 10 pages or so)
i wore a grey villian hoodie under my A2 a lot last winter.  the split side seams of the villian are different...but it doesn't necessarily look bad.a normal ribbed hoodie bottom would probably look better but i only have fullzips otherwise and 2 zippers looks odd to me.
any word of a fragment tennis shoe restock?
epaulet doyle jacket
haha i dont think i ever noticed that in his pics.  my sister is at Jefferson for pharmacy school.  i've been up to the area a few times...i don't know much about it but it seems like the school is right in between the gay district and chinatown.  kinda funny
New Posts  All Forums: