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White somelos oxford on the beach in Punta Cana for a wedding last Friday (with my beautiful lady). Phenomenal shirt.  Perfect weight, great cut.  
 depends on the person...  i like 9" it hits above my knee by about 2" or so id guess.  i like 7" for swim trunks.
I have 2 pairs of Rivets that are converted into shorts.... Red Oxford and a lightweight French Blue duck canvas.  I actually bought the red shorts from somebody here in the B&S forum.  I had them hemmed even more to a 9" inseam and they are perfect.  I was a little hesitant to have the French Blue Ducks made into shorts but I got them in the same 9" inseam and really like them.  The texture is nice.  Both are nice and slim.  I use their measurements as my baseline when...
Will the Massdrop trainers be delivered before this new Tennis Trainer pre-order ends? I'm very tempted to grab a pair of the tennis trainers but I want my Sport Trainers first to check size and really make up my mind.
I got the white Somaleo oxford earlier in the week.  Fantastic shirt.  The material is definitely on the lighter side.  Gonna wear it at a destination wedding next week on a beach in Punta Cana.  Should be perfect :)
just ordered the White Salt Washed Oxford.  Was a no-brainer when I realized my current white oxford is getting a little frayed.  Should be perfect for a beach wedding in a few weeks paired with some linen pants.
Mike, what's up with the Massdrop sport trainers? Their email about the delay is super vague.  Any chance of them shipping out in the next week or 2?
those Woven Presto's are pretty nice.  got a release date?
Yup.   I have never been disappointed with any product I've purcased from WvG...I'll always speak positively of the company and continue to purchase but there are 2 big things I would love to see and I've brought these up multiple times... 1.  A product pipeline page on the website.  We need to know what's coming in the future to plan purchases appropriately.  This would also eliminate a ton of questions here on Styleforum regarding what's coming and when.  I know...
Can someone repost the pics here?  I don't do snapchat...   I wish everything was posted to all the social media sites or even just the blog.  It makes keeping up with the brand a pain.
New Posts  All Forums: