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i want one of those grey henleys but i'm concerned about sizing.  anyone heard anything?   edit: i emailed Mauro.  will update the thread with sizing info if he fills me in.
snagged the Justified & Ancient Brushed Oxford and Green University Stripe for now.   great fabrics...very tempted by a few others.
maaaaaaan some of these look great.  i wish you would post everything at once!!   I feel like a shirt i like may sell out so i need to buy it ASAP before the others are posted.  So then I end up buying more than initially intended.  You're an evil genius!! ;)
link?   edit: ah on the group buy page
anyone see my comment about the Somelos collar collapsing to the sides a bit as the day goes on?  Anyone else have that issue?  
I love my Somelos oxford and def plan to purchase more...but i have a a nitpick about them...curious if anyone else feels the same.   The collar tends to flop out to the sides as the day goes on.  I wish the collar had a bit more beef to it to keep it upright.     Edit: when worn casually (without a tie)
i snagged the grey and navy beanies.  might give one away as a gift...might keep both.  we'll see :)
I figured Railcar would be the way to go.  Wasn't sure if Self Edge did tapering.  I know they do repairs and hemming. Does only tapering from the inside of the legs throw off the fades at all?  My jeans are pretty faded already...don't want the honeycombs behind my knee to wrap around to the front lol.
anyone ever get their SL's tapered?  if so, any recommendation on where to send them?
snagged those Light Bone Air Force One mids posted a few pages back at half-price from finishline yesterday.  couldn't resist that deal.  approx. $60 shipped.
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