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grabbed the black & white cotton/linen button down.     no regular amunzen blue button downs?
is that second picture taken in a single person elevator????
love those tennis shoes.  any idea how much $$ they will be going for?
Beautiful floral chambray shirt from Wolf vs. Goat in the Before Dinner (darted) cut.  This shirt unfortunately shrunk in the wash and is too small for me now.  I only wore it once.  The chambray has a great weight and feel to it.  Great deal for any WvG fan or a new customer looking to test out the brand! (same shirt as this: http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/collections/shirting-1/products/floral-chambray)   It is a tagged small before-dinner.     Current Measurements as...
have any colors been revealed for the next run of the tennis shoes?   i love the white one but wish the suede patch was white.
4:12 and nothing posted....dundundun
annnnd this post is now worthless. 
waiting on rivets....
so much for being productive this afternoon...oh well :)   edit:   so much for instagram sale.  it looks as if the items are appearing on the website before instagram.  
i posted this same question in the SWD hair thread but figured it can't hurt to post here also...   my hair does absolutely nothing without product in it.  it basically falls straight forward and a little to the side.  so for the past 10 years or so i have kept it short on the sides (#2 usually) and a bit longer on the top and used a little bit of B&B Sumotech or Redken Men Texture Control putty to give the top some texture.   this summer i let the top grow out and i...
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