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4oz LP lasts a loooooooooong time
 can you post a pic of the beanie worn slouchy?  i bought a cheapo slouchy beanie off amazon earlier this winter and have been wearing the shit out of it...i didn't realize the WvG beanies could have a slouchy fit.
really like that new flyknit chukka colorway.  def will consider grabbing it....
should be playing battlefield ;). do you guys play on xb1 or ps4?  my xb1 name is studddly
hmmm, now that there is a comparison with GV it got me thinking about the comparison of Epaulet to Wolf Vs. Goat.  I know I see a bunch of guys in both threads.  Can somebody give a comparison of EP & WvG now?  I haven't bought any Epaulet yet but I am very interested...I know I could just look at the size charts but numbers don't always tell the whole story...
what size is it? I might be interested
Looking to buy SNS Herning Reference Jacket, Memento Cardigan, or Moment Cardigan - size small or medium.   Willing to trade my lightly worn (less than 10x) small Triple Grey Stark cardigan.     Also if anyone knows of any US stockists with the Reference, Moment Cardi or Memento Cardi in stock please let me know!!!
anybody with a small or medium Moment Cardigan interested in trading for a small triple grey Stark?  or for that matter does anybody know of a US site with Moments available?    i'm super interested in the shorter neck height of the Moment.
got the AW77 sweatpants for christmas.  love them.  super comfy, roomy up top with a bit of a dropped crotch and then just enough of a taper down the ankle.
 thanks!  kickass blue is by far my most worn ocbd.  def helps that i have Blue eyes.  Thanks, man.  I'll be in touch once the dvd with pics arrives.  I stole a couple off the website by print-screening and cropping in paint lol.  The dvd is on the way with everything.
New Posts  All Forums: