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would love these in shorts....
i wish the bigsby had a ribbed bottom hem.  would be an instakop. 
have any additional ends been posted yet?  been out at a job site all morning.
ended up with the golden graham donegal and legendary grey speckle donegal.  pretty pumped. a little bummed i missed the blue nubby cotton-linen with summer coming up...but i'm sure something else will come along eventually.
anymore cotton/linen lighter weight fabrics coming in the morning?
ahhh man somebody got the last blue-grape nubby cotton/linen while i was checking out with it.  :(
damn, missed it.  got a pic? the nubby cotton/linens look nice.
yup that looks just like the pair of shorts i have.  although i wouldn't exactly call them beefy.  i'm sure it's a similar material.  great pickup for someone!
yeah i missed that also.  i think i have something similar tho. i bought a pair of red oxford cloth rivet shorts off the marketplace.  pretty sure the original owner had them cut into shorts.  love them if they are the same...would have probably snagged the pants.
you're not helping....shiiiiiiiiiiiiit lol
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