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if i wear a Medium in the supima t-shirts and Small in the premium cotton short sleeve undershirts what size long sleeve heattech shirt should I go with for layering?  Do i need to worry about shrinking?   the medium supima tees have perfect length but are a bit wider than prefered.  the small undershirts are a bit short but are fine for undershirts.  i will mainly use the heattech for layering so i want a slim/fitted fit.
those are nice but def fancier than I am looking for.  I don't need anything special as I just want to layer with them.  looking for white, cream, grey mainly.
looking for some slim/fitted long sleeve waffle shirts or thermals for layering and whatnot.  anyone have recommendations?  Thanks.
i prefer the slimmer fit henleys also.  the WvG henleys from 2 winters ago that were super fitted were awesome.  i would no joke buy 5 at least if that fit makes a comeback.
any info on the updated EPLA raglan crew sweatshirts posted to instagram yesterday?  looks awesome!
My bad guys.  Not trying to derail the thread with my comment...just was making a general observation about shoe trees and boots.  Brand doesn't have anything to do with it.     My natural CXL boots (brand name omitted ) crease just behind the captoe...which is where most people's boots/shoes crease when walking.  I find that my shoe trees barely touch the leather at that point as the vamp is beginning to slope up every so slightly. Horizontally, the tree is under the...
Haha, I'm not sure exactly...that's the problem.  Really just looking for opinions and similar recommendations to what I've shown.  I want the shoe to be versatile...and suede.  
nice, but again I feel they are so formal looking compared to the Clarks boots.  These APC's aren't bad...more casual and along the lines of what I was thinking - http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/apc/suede-desert-boots/453511.  the APC's look very boot-like, however...not loving that.  Resoleable is a must if I'm spending over $200. 
I need a new pair of shoes for work/casual wear.  My office is pretty casual. Most days I wear a button down and some sort of chino, rarely need a tie or suit.     I rotate between Clarks Desert Boots in oakwood suede, Oaksteet Bootmakers captoe trench boots (natural CXL), Oakstreet boat shoes in the summer time (natural CXL), and Allen Edmonds Park Ave's (black) for the rare formal day.   My desert boots are beat to shit and need replacing.  Any recommendations?  I...
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