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haha yes they do!  that's actually how i got my first AA henley.  I was Dexter for halloween a few years back.  The "army" henley is his "kill uniform".  now i probably have 6 different colors of that dumb shirt...
i'm actually like 20 mins north of Baltimore.  i need to make a trip down to Mauro's place soon and actually try some stuff on in person.   def on my list of stuff to do this year.
I've always bought small BD but i'm thinking i need to try a medium BD.  the overdye oxfords are good at size small even after washing and drying a bunch (i always wash cold, toss in dryer on low for like 2 mins, and then hang dry), but a few other shirts have shrunk too much :(.  the floral chambray being the worst.
the last floral chambray shrunk big time after i washed it on cold, tossed in the dryer for 2 mins on low, and then hung to dry.  i can't wear it anymore :(   anybody else have issues?
nice thanks.  anybody know how to size the the Cortez?  I wear a 9 in flyknit lunar one.  
I'll second the AA henley vote.  I live in them.  They definitely shrink a good bit so yeah, size up 1.  
awesome thanks. nice thanks.  what about Otticanet.com?  i just stumbled across that site also.  i've never bought sunglasses online.  I just want to be sure whatever I buy is authentic.
is framesdirect.com a safe website to order sunglasses from?  i wandered into a Sunglass Hut today and tried on a pair of Persol PO9649S and loved them...but not for the $330 price tag.  I found them online a lot cheaper but I've never bought sunglasses online.     Any safe websites to order from other than Sunglass Hut?  How can places like framesdirect get away with the major discounts? 
damn I haven't even heard of Mutiny.  There are so many little boutique shops that stock SNS...   has anyone ever compiled a listing of all the US retailers?  that would be hugely beneficial for those of us searching for a particular sweater since stocks differ everywhere.
thanks!  it def bleeds a little bit.  i wore it over the weekend with lighter chinos and there was some indigo ruboff on the edges of the pockets and belt loops.  nothing crazy tho.  i'm actually a structural engineer and with my arms resting on my desk on drawings this morning i can see a little indigo ruboff on the white paper.   i know the shirt is technically "one-wash" but should i treat it like other raw denim meaning try to go a few wears before washing?  might be a...
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