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yup that looks just like the pair of shorts i have.  although i wouldn't exactly call them beefy.  i'm sure it's a similar material.  great pickup for someone!
yeah i missed that also.  i think i have something similar tho. i bought a pair of red oxford cloth rivet shorts off the marketplace.  pretty sure the original owner had them cut into shorts.  love them if they are the same...would have probably snagged the pants.
you're not helping....shiiiiiiiiiiiiit lol
oh man i'm waffling on the grey wool donegal tweed.  i told myself id only get 2 pairs today...already got the golden graham donegal.  ohhh man ohh man.   pair #2 should really be a lighter weight....
must be a lot of GG fabric available.  lucky us
im so bitter i missed out on the Latte Donegal Tweeds earlier so this is awesome.  i think i like these even better.  very happy :)
i got golden graham.  those are deadly.
is there any timing pattern to when fabrics get uploaded (ie. every 10 or 15 mins?) or is it completely random?     always been curious but never timed it out.
not yet.  waiting patiently...sorta
no speed cap + skiing +jetpack was the coolest shit ever
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