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does uniqlo offer a slim fit undershirt with a wide v-neck?  i bought a 2 pack of grey v-neck undershirts from them a while back but they are a little shorter than desired and the v-neck is a little tight...  i think they were the supima cotton model but i'm not positive (might be premium cotton).  i almost always wear an undershirt unless temps are over 90, so i prefer the neck opening to be loose enough that it won't be seen under a t-shirt.     i have been wearing...
by closing the thread does that mean you have stopped being an Affiliate of styleforum?  in that case we can still start a WvG discussion thread to keep everything going.   i thought you were also going to start a thread on the MC side for the ties???   i understand it's too much work to police this thread and respond to all the comments (good and bad).  i just curious to see how your plan unfolds.  as a long-time rewards member, in addition to the awesome clothing, i...
sounds perfect.  i only picked up one henley last year and actually had a tailor slim it up a bit.  last years were a little loose for my liking.  
new looks a little longer and a little more slim?
I'm looking for a briefcase or messenger bag to use for work and traveling.  Budget is $500.  I'm a structural engineer and split my time approx. 75/25 in office and at job sites respectively.    At first I was looking into the GoRuck 15L shoulder bag.  I have seen the bag in person and was really impressed with it...but I think it is too big for my needs.  I only carry a tablet, not a full size laptop as that bag is designed for.  This is the type of bag I wouldn't be...
looks like a pretty solid fit to me.  keep
got my Legendary Grey Speckle and Golden Graham rivets today!  they are awesome :).  so happy with each of them.  i do need to get them hemmed just a bit still...but I can't wait to wear them.     posting this got me thinking...I didn't look at the care tag yet.  Does anyone know if they can be machine washed (gentle, cold water) or are they dry clean only?
agreed. i'm going with a pair of canvas vans as my summer beaters this year.  haven't had a pair for a loooooong time.  
you do a mi-adidas customized all white (or w/e they call it)
mr. clean magic eraser works well for cleaning the wedge soles.
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