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sweeeeeeet!  Got my A2 tracking also.  Looks like my jacket was on a flight that landed at JFK this morning.  very excited...20 weeks on the dot.
haha I'll second the overdyes.  I have a kickass blue and slate and they are great.  i live in them.  tucking isn't a problem at all.  they are really hearty shirts. just got a salt n pepper hoodie and buffalo plaid shirt in the mail.  both are awesome but i was a little surprised how thin the buffalo plaid is.  definitely more of a warm weather shirt but its great regardless.  thanks WvG!
i got mine from End....   speaking of it...does anyone else with a Stark from this season feel like the collar is slightly higher than previous seasons?  i haven't measured it yet but i'm wearing my older green melange stark (last season) today and the collar feels lower than the triple grey stark that i wore the other day.  i need measure it later........
looks like a good fit around the chest but def a bit long
Mauro - more website testing - i was just clicking around and realized under Stockists, the web links only work for Clothing Brigade.  the other stockist links don't work.
 torrents + amazon prime.    I think Regis mentioned earlier that he likes a lot of war movies/documentaries.  I highly recommend Restrepo (http://restrepothemovie.com/).  I just watched it 2 weeks ago at the recommendation of a co-worker.  Excellent documentary on the Afghanistan war.  
i have a hoodie and buffalo check shirt on the way.  cant wait!
moving on lets get back to the clothes! i'm rocking my kickass blue overdye oxford today.  i gotta say the color on this shirt is awesome. if you have blue eyes this shirt is a must buy!  you're doing yourself a complete disservice otherwise.  it's a simple shirt but with the unique shade of blue and the perfect fit of WvG it is probably my most worn button down.  looooove it.
Mauro, will there be more of the red/blue flannels made or was that pre-order only?
Nice and snug but it will stretch a bit with wear. Looks good to me. My Triple Grey Stark fits pretty much the same way.
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