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bcdr looks amazing.  i want a whiskey or tan bcdr so badly but just cant convince myself to pull the trigger right now.  too many more important things to save money for...ugh
      New Persol 9649 sunglasses...not 100% sold on them though.  I feel like they might be a little big (55mm).  Thoughts??  Thinking I need to go find a 52mm and compare the two.   keep, size down, return???
...the CM side...::shiver:: hahaha.  this is one of the first times i've ventured over from SW&D so bare with me please.   I'm getting married in October and need to get a light grey 3 piece suit.  I don't know a ton about suiting as my office is very casual...chinos and a button down suffice 95% of the time.  I am going back and forth between purchasing a RTW suit and having it altered or going the M2M route.  I have a navy suit that fits me very well from Hugo Boss...
speaking of henleys, does anyone have any from last year that they want to sell?  i like the super slim fit more than this years fit.  size large.  hit me up!!!
whatever happened with those drake OVO jordans that were going for close to $100k on ebay?  that sale couldn't have gone through.......
i'll measure how much my floral chambray shrunk and compare to the posted dimensions.  will let you know!
haha yes they do!  that's actually how i got my first AA henley.  I was Dexter for halloween a few years back.  The "army" henley is his "kill uniform".  now i probably have 6 different colors of that dumb shirt...
i'm actually like 20 mins north of Baltimore.  i need to make a trip down to Mauro's place soon and actually try some stuff on in person.   def on my list of stuff to do this year.
I've always bought small BD but i'm thinking i need to try a medium BD.  the overdye oxfords are good at size small even after washing and drying a bunch (i always wash cold, toss in dryer on low for like 2 mins, and then hang dry), but a few other shirts have shrunk too much :(.  the floral chambray being the worst.
the last floral chambray shrunk big time after i washed it on cold, tossed in the dryer for 2 mins on low, and then hung to dry.  i can't wear it anymore :(   anybody else have issues?
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