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what is the fit like for this season?  last winter they were sorta loose, the winter before super fitted...hoping this year is in between.  def prefer a more fitted look.
awesome.  looking forward to the shorts.  what is the Pale Blue Cotton Oxford material like?  lightweight see through or kinda beefy?
would love these in shorts....
i wish the bigsby had a ribbed bottom hem.  would be an instakop. 
have any additional ends been posted yet?  been out at a job site all morning.
ended up with the golden graham donegal and legendary grey speckle donegal.  pretty pumped. a little bummed i missed the blue nubby cotton-linen with summer coming up...but i'm sure something else will come along eventually.
anymore cotton/linen lighter weight fabrics coming in the morning?
ahhh man somebody got the last blue-grape nubby cotton/linen while i was checking out with it.  :(
damn, missed it.  got a pic? the nubby cotton/linens look nice.
yup that looks just like the pair of shorts i have.  although i wouldn't exactly call them beefy.  i'm sure it's a similar material.  great pickup for someone!
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