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are there pics of all the different collar styles offered?
Thoughts on the LL Bean Boot / duck boot for a winter/snow boot???  I live in MD and with the recent 8" of snow we got I found out the hard way that my old snow boots are no longer waterproof.  Frozen toes are not fun.  Sounds like more snow is on the way for tomorrow too.    Bean Boots have great reviews all over the internet and they are resole-able.  Should last forever if taken care of properly.  Anybody here have them or have any other similar recommendations?   I...
#2, #3, #5 are my favorites with #5 being an automatic buy.  How heavy is #5?  i hope it's kinda beefy.     price point of #1 & #2 is a little high for me....
new hoodie looks awesome.  the next iteration of the lounge pants are in the same (or a similar) fabric, right?  i hope so!   i'm def in for a flannel in the spring.  i hope you make a few more.
awesome.  definitely in for a multi-color flannel!  was super disappointed i passed on that the first time around.  
i have 2 starks - triple grey from this season and a forest green with blue threads from last year (I don't remember the name of it).
who wears their jeans the same length as normal trousers?  if you look at virtually every picture of people on the SWD side here wearing jeans they are either stacking or have a slight cuff.   you don't want your jeans to ride half-way up your calf when you sit down...not a good look.  stick with a longer length for a slight stack.     you're sweating the small stuff right now man.  when you order a quality pair of selvedge denim online most retailers offer a free...
no sweats yet
Fit looks similar to how mine fit initially and it stretched out just fine
i have a small stark in triple grey and i think the collar is higher this season.  what do you think?
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