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if you find them on sale please let us (me) know.  i love my flyknit lunar 1's and could use a new pair soon.
any relation to e-dubble the baltimore rapper?
who's gonna be the first to check them out???  i'm kinda tempted...not gonna lie.  been wanting to grab the achilles for a while now but don't need to drop that kinda money at the moment.  wedding coming up taking priority. for $64 could be a great beater.  
have winners been announced for the other 2?
i'll bite...what is EMF?
should limit the amount of entries per person tho....some dude d...._c.... (not to completely blow up his spot) is blowing up instagram.  over 15 entries most in a row lol.  comon man.
Cotton Dockers, great look.  Probably my favorite from you so far.  Love the suiting mix Vans with it all.  Just grabbed a pair recently myself.
i still say the flyknit roshe would be 100x better if the pattern didnt change direction at the front.   the roshe has always been such a simple design...keep it that way!
love it.  will def grab a few!
waist will stretch up to 2".  mine did atleast.
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