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wooo def going to grab a hoodie.   i'm at work so can't measure anything yet but if i wear a small BD shirt, should i go with a small hoodie as well or jump up to a medium?  the shirt size charts don't seem to be loading properly to compare.
are there any pics of the new henleys or do we need to wait for the newsletter?
jacket looks great to me!  maybe could have used an extra inch in the front/back length but it looks awesome regardless.
hopefully i'm next week!  now i'm antsy...ahhh
the jeans won't stretch on their own.  they will stretch where they need to.  if you wear a belt, waist stretching will be minimal.     but to answer your question, yes you should account for stretching.  usually 1-2" or so in the waist, 1/2" - 1" in the thigh.  depending on the weave, some stretch more than others.  i know the LHT from Naked and Famous tends to have more stretch than their normal right hand denim. 
 measure your best fitting pair of existing jeans and compare to the size charts on blueowl.  done.
ordered on june 12....no shipping yet.  do jackets get shipped at various times each week or is it mainly a once a week type of thing?
are the escobars really dry clean only like it says on revolve???  that seems really odd.
i ordered 2 weeks after you...sooo soooooooooooooon.  
I posted pics of the triple Grey mix stark a few pages back. It's really nice. A lot darker than the pics on end.
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