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if you want to stick with sneakers you will see most people here keep it very simple - white/cream coloring will match everything and looks even better once lived in for a bit.   affordable: Chucks Vans Authentics Adidas Stan Smiths German Army Trainers (GATS) - look for the thread   more $: Epaulet Tennis Trainers Kent Wang sneakers Common Projects Achilles     browse the WAYWT thread regularly for ideas.  that's the best way to become accustomed to the "SF...
over the past few years I have reworked my wardrobe going for quality over quantity with mainly SF approved brands (for better and worse).  my wife is starting to do the same with her clothing but doesn't know of a good resource for womens style (other than pinterest).    she recently cleared out a ton of shoes and is looking, in particular, for a quality pair of womens leather brogues or oxfords.  something full grain and welted/resolable preferably.  i have no idea...
hmmm EFF shirts are arriving....are pants coming next week maybe???
repost from earlier in this thread.  boots have a lot more wear on them now.  also a vibram raptor topy glued on.  still love them as much as they day i bought them!
yes I'd go true to brannock size or maybe a half-size down if you have narrow feet.
i said the same thing in the Epaulet thread.  so comfy and natural looking.
great casual look, frank!  so simple but looks so comfy and natural.   what is the jacket?
I gotta give some love to the new EPLA crewneck sweatshirts.  I got the Olive colorway like 2 weeks ago and have been living in it.  By far the best fitting sweatshirt I've purchased and a great weight.   Will there be other colorways in the future?  Traditional heather grey and indigo dyed would be instakops.  (I know there's navy but indigo is just special....)
what is henley fit like this year?  last year they were a little too loose for my liking.  the year before they were super fitted which i was ok with but a nice middle ground would be even better.
the color on the jeans looks phenomenal.   i dont need another pair of jeans right now, but if i did i'd be all over them. 
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