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can any guys in the Baltimore, MD area give me a recommendation for a cobbler?  I just want to get a vibram half sole put on my Oak Street Tench Boots and the 2 places I called are wanting to charge $45/$50....seems way high from what I've read in the various threads on here.   preferably, northern baltimore county but I'll take any decent recommendation!  (i don't know if there is a better place to ask these questions).
sterling silver hook bracelet from st. croix.  bought on vacation over a year ago...haven't taken it off since.  my fiance got one also. how cute.... ;)
the pants are probably new. just keep wearing them...the button holes will loosen up over time.   you can stick a pen through the hole when you aren't wearing them to spread it out some...but it's really not necessary.
lexol, saddlesoap, etc.   make sure you condition them after you use soap to clean them as the soap will dry them out a bit.
definitely regretting not going for that red/white/blue shirt...looks awesome.  damn.
does anyone know much about Chamula Knitwear?  I just stumbled across them in the sale section on End.  Looks really nice and beefy...similar to SNS.  Curious how the sizing is and what other stores (preferably in the US) stock their stuff???   http://www.endclothing.com/brands/chamula
you might find the medium to be a little short at 6' tall.  i'm 5'-8, 145 and i wear a medium in it....although the fit isn't super slim, the length is perfect.   last seasons henleys were much more slim cut than the current model offered on the website.  
who sells women's SNS gear?  my fiance would love one of those knits. she steals one of my starks all the time.
bcdr looks amazing.  i want a whiskey or tan bcdr so badly but just cant convince myself to pull the trigger right now.  too many more important things to save money for...ugh
      New Persol 9649 sunglasses...not 100% sold on them though.  I feel like they might be a little big (55mm).  Thoughts??  Thinking I need to go find a 52mm and compare the two.   keep, size down, return???
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