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yeah i'm going to keep them.  they look great straight on and are very comfortable.  i'm not worried about the slight arm flare.  saved like $150 over sunglass hut pricing i think.
can you post a few pics, @gettoasty?  Thanks for the review...you sound like you like it more than I thought most of SF would.  I'm kinda on the fence but for the price i guess it can't be beat.
i got a pair of persol 9649s from framesdirect in the 52mm size. i have a round face and they look great straight on.  the arms flare out a small amount at the metal hinge (meflecto as they call it).  is this normal or a sign that they fit too tight?  they feel fine...   edit i previously tried the next size up, 55mm, and they were way too big.
 i'm very curious to know how that wrapped vibram sole holds up vs. a traditional boat shoe sole.  i'll be purchasing a new pair of boat shoes this summer.does anybody have experience with both?
i'm not overly impressed right off the bat.  going to hold off until i read some reviews.
going with the Massdrop idea would be awesome.  (www.massdrop.com)   No, I don't work for them.  I haven't even bought anything from the site but I think it's really cool how it works.  
does anybody have a phone # for john elliott + co or Gray Vision LLC who does their shipping?   I had 2 packages scheduled to be delivered today (1 John Elliott and 1 other company) and I accidentally goofed and requested the JE+Co one to be held at a UPS facility when I meant to do it to the other package.  It's on the truck for delivery but UPS can't reverse it as stupid as that is.  They say I need to contact the shipper directly.  What a pain in the ass.....
I understand.  This could be the type of thing a poll and initial deposit from rewards members would work for.  Only get to vote if you are putting down a deposit...that way you have an actual # and you know what people may want going forward.  
 a casual knit or cotton sport coat would be awesome.  similar to the barena knit jackets.  i'd be all over that.  
really like the white ones.  might have to grab them.     i got the volt flyknit lunar 1s and i love them but the color doesnt really mesh well with much besides black/grey/white.
New Posts  All Forums: