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100% in.  this is what i had in mind when i mentioned suede sidezips a page back.  although 9" sounds a little high....something along the lines of the MMM boots Synth and a few other guys are always rocking, or even the MMM Argentine Military Sidezips.   (not to derail but it looks like Story et Fall is doing something similar  but still very new...I would much rather give my money to Epaulet)
would loooooooooove and i mean loooooove Epaulet to make a suede sidezip boot.  
mmmmm <3 quest bars.
gotta start updating your blog again!
Has anyone taken Northern Watters Knitwear up on their lifetime repair warranty covering the Heirloom Cardigans?  My dog snagged my sleeve the other day and I have a pretty long pull now.  I don't want to just pull it into the inside of the sleeve as I could snag my fingers on it when putting on the sweater and create an ever bigger issue.     I don't know if this is something I can fix myself (or rather get my wife to fix   ).  Shipping to Canada I'm sure isn't...
ugh, still wish the pattern didn't change directions.  could be so much better.
i have the eggshell wilshires and they definitely stretched an inch or so in the waist.  i'd say you'll get the typical 1/2 - 1.5" of stretch in the waist easily.
order placed!  washed out chambray work shirt inbound. :)
oh really?  that has me slightly concerned as the shirt is on sale and not returnable if i order. For what it's worth i'm about 5'-8", 145lbs.  Wear a small in Epaulet and Wolf vs Goat (before dinner).  Anybody able to offer a sizing comparison?
Can anyone comment on shrinkage with the Washed Out Chambray Workshirt?  Based on the measurements a small will fit me pretty snug (which I want) but if it shrinks in the wash I might be in trouble.  Would only wash on cold and hang dry.   Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: