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Lol I was just making an observation. Calm down dude.If it is in fact the same material that is awesome.
the heavy brushed back blue 2-pocket flannel looks like the same fabric 3sixteen used on a previous run of their flannel shirts.  
The price tag of a lot of RgT shirts causes me to hesitate too, Cyc.     I love the workshirt cut but at full price ($255) they are tough to stomach.  If they were priced around $150 I wouldn't hesitate but I haven't pulled the trigger on any of them yet this fall. Really tempted by the red vintage and the natural flannel.  Will end of splurging on one eventually....waffling for now.
i loved how involved Mauro was with his customer base.  that's what drew me to WvG like 3 years ago.  he used to frequently post on the forums and update us about different materials/upcoming products/answer questions etc.   the brand feels so disconnected now.  i completely understand why he decided to bow away from the forums, but in doing so i was really hoping for a more detailed website with better info/better pics etc.  i hope these changes will be coming.   i...
yeah exactly.  #16 is prob my fav...the "waffle cotton" but i don't exactly know what that means.  I can make assumptions...  any word if henleys will be back this fall/winter?
not many of the flannels are really grabbing my attention.  i haven't bought one yet...   i wish the pics were better and descriptions a little more detailed.  
was there a newsletter today?  i didn't get anything.   edit...nvm it went into my spam for some reason.  that's a first.  damn damn damnnnnnn
here's a few.  i wore them yesterday for most of the day but didnt take any on foot pics.  unfortunately i already have some indigo bleed on them (but i guess that's unavoidable).  the jeans i was wearing have been washed a handful of time...I thought most of the bleeding was done but apparently not.  i love the boots but i'm torn between constant cleaning to remove the indigo stains that are bound to happen or just letting them be and accepting that the stains and whatnot...
got confirmation late on friday 9-18, boots delivered yesterday, 9-24.  (maryland) I got thetan sidezips.  I can post more pics if people are interested but they look just like what everyone has posted prior.  Really impressed overall.  The shape is nice.  I was a little worried that they would be slightly too narrow/slim but they look great on foot.  (speaking as i have never owned other sidezips, eg. MMM, SLP, etc).  Not a loose stitch to be seen.  Comfy with a little...
basically you have to email Lian.  but check this link for pics and more info -
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