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i'll bite...what is EMF?
should limit the amount of entries per person tho....some dude d...._c.... (not to completely blow up his spot) is blowing up instagram.  over 15 entries most in a row lol.  comon man.
Cotton Dockers, great look.  Probably my favorite from you so far.  Love the suiting mix Vans with it all.  Just grabbed a pair recently myself.
i still say the flyknit roshe would be 100x better if the pattern didnt change direction at the front.   the roshe has always been such a simple design...keep it that way!
love it.  will def grab a few!
waist will stretch up to 2".  mine did atleast.
did anyone else get their package from The Men's Market (Hirshliefers)?  i ordered a pair of OB bulldog swim trunks and they came in the most elaborate packaging I have ever seen...no wonder they charged $20 for shipping!!   cardboard exterior box shit load of tissue paper gift wrapped interior cardboard box shit load more tissue paper finally the shorts.   so unnecessary...but nice i suppose.  such a waste with all that tissue paper.
I'm kinda in the same boat as you...not a big fan of black shoes other than you described or black tie.  I can understand the other comments saying Walnut may be a little too light tho.  I was hoping to grab a darker shade of brown on sale but it looks like Nordstrom is only offering Walnut right now.  Guess I have to make up my mind.   edit:  thanks btw!  the wedding is in early October so not quite summer but the weather should be pretty nice still.
Wedding is just my way of justifying the purchase haha.  They will get their fair share of wear beyond the wedding. 
Thinking about picking up the Walnut Strands from the Nordstrom sale.  Main reason is to wear them at my wedding with a navy 3 piece suit.   Do you think I should go with something more simple or is this deal just too good to pass up?  (or different colorway)
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