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any recommendations on where to purchase a Filson Original Briefcase to get the best deal?  i'm looking to get one for my dad as a bday present . his current "briefcase" is in desperate need of replacement.
was really frustrated when i missed out on those cords.  add me to those hoping for more in the near future.
that shirt is awesome.  EP please pick up that material!! (or someone tell me who is stocking it)
I'm curious about this as well.  I thought the OSB thread got locked simply bc they stopped being an affiliate of SF. I never heard of controversy over their Goodyear Welt construction.  I just remember seeing a lot of people bickering about the leather quality (excessive wrinkling/creasing) and some possible puckering along the front.  I have a pair of natty cxl trench boots that I love (slightly biased).
always smart to treat suede.  Tarrago Hightech Nano Protector Spray is highly recommended around these parts.
well this is great news.  Charly has been a standup guy throughout this whole debacle. Dude has nailed so many perfect jacket sizing (mine included).  As the mantra goes "shutup and trust Charly"...I'm really happy to hear he is the one keeping styleforum's leather jacket hopes and dreams alive.  I'm looking forward to more info.  Maybe i'll finally order that tan band collar moto i was eyeing up before the shit hit the fan with ToJ.
order placed...measured between a 40.5 and 41 on the size guide.  went with the 40.5 per Lian's suggestion.  hopefully they will be perfect.   he said they should go into production later this week.  anyone know how long between going into production and shipping?
lol so much conflicting sizing info.  i measured my feet wearing some thicker socks that i plan on wearing with the boots most of the time.  leaning towards a 41 unless someone who has the sidezips already can comment otherwise.
Looking for sizing advice for Tan Suede Sidezips...   I measured between a 40.5 and 41 on Lian's size guide.  He recommends going down to a 40 for a snug fit...I feel like he meant to say 40.5 as a 40 seems way too small. I measured my foot in thicker socks than normal as I will prob be wearing them in the fall/winter.       For what it's worth I wear a 9 in Nike (flyknit lunar 1's).  8.5 in Redwing work chukkas.
they look great to me.  looking forward to your official review SvB!     prob going to order tan sidezips myself (pending generally positive reviews on this batch).
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