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is there any way to know what US retailers will get the wolf grey model?  really want to grab it but dont want to deal with customs.   (i'm not at all in the loop regarding sneaker releases)
who makes decent side zip boots?  i'm looking for a pair in a tan suede.  any suggestions on retailers to look at?   i know SLP and MMM but those are impossible to find and super pricey.     stepping down in price is Story Et Fall who I am paying very close attention too...leaning towards ordering from them if everyone is happy with the delivery coming soon.   There's Fiorentini & Baker but those are getting up there in price and difficult to find in the US.  
ok thanks.  i should add that I'm 5'-8", 140lbs or so.
what is the general consensus on the fit of the Gustin t-shirts?  Are they pretty slim?  Sleeves a good length?  Sleeves slim?   I wear a Slim Medium in Gustin button downs (note, I wash them on cool and tumble dry low so they shrink a little bit.).  The fit after washing/drying is spot on in the shoulders and chest...if anything the front and back could be shortened a touch.  The side scoops on Gustin shirts are a little bit big but it's all good.  (for what it's worth...
Any chance of doing a Knit Tie grab bag similar to the pocket square deal?
9 should fit you perfectly.  (i'm the same size) Yes get VSC.  treat occasionally when leather starts looking dry.  every other month or so....depending on wear.
want.  where did you grab them?  
can anyone compare the fit of a regular Small to a slim fit Medium?   based on the measurements the Small is 1" narrower in shoulders and a touch shorter in sleeves and body length.   My buddy gave me 2 slim mediums that he decided were to small for him.  they fit me great except they are a little long (the scoops are really big on these shirts...I'll have a tailor hem the bottom about an inch).  I'm thinking I might be able to get away with a Small as 1" in the...
For those interested, the OSB boat shoes can easily be converted to a 360 lace system.  I dropped mine at my cobbler yesterday...after a quick look he said it is any easy adjustment.  Will pick them up on Saturday.
i need a new pair of flyknits.  my trusty obnoxious volt lunar 1's are finally giving out.  The sole is basically shot.   thoughts on the N7 flyknit free?  I can't decide if I like it....    also considering the grey lunar 3's...   thoughts?  mainly will be worn to the gym.  rarely worn otherwise.
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