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Try Wolf Vs Goat rollneck tees sized up one. Supposedly a scoop next is in the pipeline but I dunno when it comes out. I've also heard good things about Grana scoop neck but haven't bought one yet.
i agree with all the above recommendations for additional products/modifications - more work shirts, additional collar types for button downs, sweatshirts, henleys, etc.  Gustin has shown that they can get amazing fabrics...i would love to see more variety in products.  I don't really think boots are the right direction but that's just my opinion.       My only real complaint is with the side scoops.  They are way too big.  Hopefully Josh is listening and can offer an...
can you post a fit pic of the hooded heirloom?  i love the concept...but for some reason i can't convince myself that the hoodie looks "right".  i need to see some pics other than the stock photos.
very cool.  happy to see Charly and Dan branching out on their own and wish them all the best.  Charly was always a standup dude with TOJ.     would love to see the Band Collar Double Rider come over.  been lusting after one in tan for a while.....
...wanna tell me what store it was? lol.   I see $265 all over the place and lots of 10% off coupons.  I'm fine with that pricing...just wondering if there is a better deal to be found. I guess I didn't phrase my original question well.  Is there a Styleforum Affiliated shop that sells the Filson Briefcase?  
any recommendations on where to purchase a Filson Original Briefcase to get the best deal?  i'm looking to get one for my dad as a bday present . his current "briefcase" is in desperate need of replacement.
was really frustrated when i missed out on those cords.  add me to those hoping for more in the near future.
that shirt is awesome.  EP please pick up that material!! (or someone tell me who is stocking it)
I'm curious about this as well.  I thought the OSB thread got locked simply bc they stopped being an affiliate of SF. I never heard of controversy over their Goodyear Welt construction.  I just remember seeing a lot of people bickering about the leather quality (excessive wrinkling/creasing) and some possible puckering along the front.  I have a pair of natty cxl trench boots that I love (slightly biased).
always smart to treat suede.  Tarrago Hightech Nano Protector Spray is highly recommended around these parts.
New Posts  All Forums: