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tweaked how?  i hope it is a slimmer fit....
does anyone know of any stockists that have the Red Wing Work Chukka in Sand Suede or the orange/tan suede?   i bought the Slate Blue chukkas from Nordstrom but they are a lot more blue than i expected.  Returned them and am looking for Sand Suede if I can find them. From what I can tell they haven't been made recently....
ahhh daaaaaamn.  the charcoal speckled rivets got sniped from my cart . 
really hoping for more rivets to pop up.... not crazy about the camo patterns.  they look awesome, just not my style.
first item is up - desert camo rivets
check rogue territory.  the Stanton cut is almost identical to the SL but a little slimmer.  SK cut is a little roomier up top with more a taper to the leg opening.  SK will probably do it for you.
Mike, when will the new EPLA slim raglan sweatshirts be released?  Been waiting semi-patiently since you posted the pic on instagram a few weeks ago... Thanks!
if i wear a Medium in the supima t-shirts and Small in the premium cotton short sleeve undershirts what size long sleeve heattech shirt should I go with for layering?  Do i need to worry about shrinking?   the medium supima tees have perfect length but are a bit wider than prefered.  the small undershirts are a bit short but are fine for undershirts.  i will mainly use the heattech for layering so i want a slim/fitted fit.
those are nice but def fancier than I am looking for.  I don't need anything special as I just want to layer with them.  looking for white, cream, grey mainly.
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