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anything else being added to the sale?
any chance of a 30 or 31 left in the latte donegal driggs?  
I'm a big fan of People Socks - http://www.peoplesocks.com/products/below-zero   Also for sale on Amazon.  Served me extremely well the past two years.
 Ah, no prob.  Open to woven or knit scarf, it doesn't matter.  Just something nicely made.  Today's snow reminded me that I don't own a single scarf.  
was there every any talk of WvG making scarves to go along with the beanies and mittens?    anyone have recommendations for nice scarves other than Stephan Schneider?
Mike, when will the new raglan crewneck sweatshirts hit the site?  I saw you mentioned they were ready a few days ago.  Thanks!
beautiful omega!  Love the blue face. Here is my DeVille Orbis: back to EP....are the Latte Donegal Driggs as versatile as I think they will be?  I love the look and am trying to justify the purchase.  If they were rivet chino price I would be all over them.  Ideally I would get the 30 but that is sold out...I don't think the extra .25" in the thigh will kill the look and if needed I could get the waist brought in a touch....but that's additional tailoring fee on pants...
anyone have a recommendation for Rawhide shoe laces?  I want to replace the original laces on my redwing work chukkas.   i know i could pick a random pair off amazon or grab something from a local shop but figured I'd ask anyway...
great fades and really solid fit also.  
did anyone who bought the heirloom cardigan get a signed caretag from the knitters like it says in the item description?  I just saw that and realized I didn't get one with my pre-ordered dark glacier.  Will that have any effect on my guarantee that Northern Watters will fix any pulls or pilling issues for the life of the garment?  (can't imagine I would ever use that...)   although my bracelet did just get caught and cause a slight pull....damnit.  need to pull it back...
New Posts  All Forums: