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for what it's worth the Wallace & Barnes indigo dyed Japanese Workwear shorts are a solid buy.  very well built, great cut, great color, really nice material (very soft).  they are vanity sized (i haven't washed mine yet so not sure about shrinkage).  lots of indigo bleed to start.  Sale codes work.  I think I got them for 30% off a few weeks back.
Wow.. that sucks.  I'm with you.  $10.22 is a bit outrageous.  Stopped my impulse purchase as well.
anyone know measurements for the rigid officer chinos?   5'-8" 140lbs, waist 30 in 3sixteen and rogue territory denim for what it's worth.
Wolf vs Goat just released some great shorts.
very excited for the knit blazer!  looks phenomenal, Mauro.  
Mike, will you be doing more indigo dyed sweatshirts in the new raglan model? 
american apparel?
I don't think sizing up for the heirloom if you are in between shirt sizes is necessary, but I can't imagine it changing the look for the worse.  Just a slouchier fit.   I'm 5'-8", 140lbs and go between a small and medium EP shirt (depending on fabric and occasional shrinkage).  I got a 36 in the heirloom and the fit is fine through the chest.  It's a really loose weave so there is plenty of stretch.  If I decide to preorder another I will absolutely be adding an extra...
thank you!  was a wedding gift from my wife last year.  lucky me :)
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