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thinking about purchasing the 16.75oz slub stantons soon.  a few questions....   how much stretch is expected?   any fade pics floating around?  i heard there is a fading contest but i don't know who is the "host". are they pretty crunchy or do they have a softer feel like 3sixteens tend to?     size wise i think i'd get a 28.  i wear a 30 in 3sixteen and epaulet denim for what it's worth.  
ht. weight please...if you dont mind.
not released yet.  has anyone's stuff from the sale shipped yet?  i got a tracking number last week but it still only says "shipping label created".
same.  any idea what time nikelab releases occur? i missed out on my size on the last set of fragment tennis shoes. would like to grab these if possible.
any chance of a blackwatch fabric?
i grabbed one earlier today!
should have just gotten LL Bean duck boots.  
 hate to bump myself but i'm really curious about this.  would like to know before i decide to order.
is it just me or do the photos on the website of the most recent set of Overdyes look like the bottom button is too high?  it looks like there should almost be one more button.     can anyone confirm if this is a legit change or if it's just the photos that appear off?
like these a lot.  more info???
New Posts  All Forums: