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i wore a grey villian hoodie under my A2 a lot last winter.  the split side seams of the villian are different...but it doesn't necessarily look bad.a normal ribbed hoodie bottom would probably look better but i only have fullzips otherwise and 2 zippers looks odd to me.
any word of a fragment tennis shoe restock?
epaulet doyle jacket
haha i dont think i ever noticed that in his pics.  my sister is at Jefferson for pharmacy school.  i've been up to the area a few times...i don't know much about it but it seems like the school is right in between the gay district and chinatown.  kinda funny
that third flannel is awesome. intsabuy!   got my white/black cotton/linen button down yesterday.  will post pics when i get around to wearing it soon.  shirt is awesome.  thanks @Mauro
when ordering to the US from TBS will i get hit up for customs fees like with END?
I'm surprised you didn't include Under Armour since they are blowing up and based in Baltimore (not far from WvG headquarters).
shiiiiiit i missed it.  i want the white/obsidian/white in cool grey, size 9.  i hope they restock again.
any idea how fragment tennis shoes will run, size-wise?  i take a 9 in flyknits and that is snug.  
the shoes wont magically stretch lengthwise unless you are constantly putting pressure there..... they will stretch out a bit width-wise.     your fit is fine.  use your noggin.
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