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Haha, I'm not sure exactly...that's the problem.  Really just looking for opinions and similar recommendations to what I've shown.  I want the shoe to be versatile...and suede.  
nice, but again I feel they are so formal looking compared to the Clarks boots.  These APC's aren't bad...more casual and along the lines of what I was thinking - http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/apc/suede-desert-boots/453511.  the APC's look very boot-like, however...not loving that.  Resoleable is a must if I'm spending over $200. 
I need a new pair of shoes for work/casual wear.  My office is pretty casual. Most days I wear a button down and some sort of chino, rarely need a tie or suit.     I rotate between Clarks Desert Boots in oakwood suede, Oaksteet Bootmakers captoe trench boots (natural CXL), Oakstreet boat shoes in the summer time (natural CXL), and Allen Edmonds Park Ave's (black) for the rare formal day.   My desert boots are beat to shit and need replacing.  Any recommendations?  I...
I don't have a Vibergs (unfortunately) but I do have a pair of Oakstreet Trench Boots in natural CXL....regarding shoe trees, I find my boots crease just behind the cap toe right as the vamp begins to ramp up and the shoe trees barely do anything for the creases.  Sure they are great for keeping the captoe looking nice and for drying out the boots...but as far as creasing goes they aren't doing much.  Curious if other people have the same issue with trees and boots.
Does anyone know of a womens clothing website similar to Styleforum?  My wife is curious.   She is looking to buy a new leather bag and some nice leather boots this fall.  I get the impression that with companies like Tory Burch, Michael Kors, etc you are paying more for brand name than for quality.  Anyone know of a company that makes bags with horween leather or womens boots with horween?  Thanks.
got my slubs today!  love the jeans.  the fit is spot on and the denim is really nice.    any chance of getting into the fade contest a day late?
ordered the Slub Stantons last night from Blueowl.  Excited for their arrival :).   now to get in on that fade contest....
hmm not sure if i should go with a 28 or 29.  want the waist to stretch out to 32".  
thinking about purchasing the 16.75oz slub stantons soon.  a few questions....   how much stretch is expected?   any fade pics floating around?  i heard there is a fading contest but i don't know who is the "host". are they pretty crunchy or do they have a softer feel like 3sixteens tend to?     size wise i think i'd get a 28.  i wear a 30 in 3sixteen and epaulet denim for what it's worth.  
ht. weight please...if you dont mind.
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