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Got an update on the Massdrop trainers?
this is awesome! heather greybluefin (from overdye i think....or some shade of grey-blue)white tee would be nice if beefier to not be see-thrutangerine or yellow (but not super vibrant...thinking more of a muted/faded color)   edit:  i wonder if Mauro would consider making some pocket tee's too....
i backed the khaki shorts.  the measurements are very similar to 2 pairs of shorts I already own...WvG enzo shorts and a pair of Epaulet rivet chinos I had my tailor change into shorts.  pretty excited as i surprisingly don't have a pair of khaki shorts right now.   9" inseam is perfect for me.  I'm 5'-8" and 9" hits an inch or so above my knee.  pretty much perfect. 
yup...not crazy about black at all.  i didnt buy it.  i love WvG henleys too.  wish it was any color but black.  any word of new shorts this summer? I'd love another pair or 2 of Enzo shorts.
man i love the material for the Henley, Avocetta, but I'm not crazy about the black color....Seeing it made up might make a difference but I'm waffling hard on pulling the trigger.
any update on the Massdrop sport trainers?  I think they were slated for end of June / early July if I remember correctly...
i wear my pair regularly.  at least 3x per week if not more.  love them.  (considering dying them walnut...but love them regardless)
WvG has a snapchat now??  I have enough trouble keeping up with the blog, instagram, and facebook occasionally.  I wish everything was posted to all the social media sites.
Has anyone attempted to dye their tan boots darker?  I've been tossing the idea around as I really like the Walnut color but that wasn't offered when I got my sidezips.  I guess my main concern if I do it is if the new dye will be permanent or if it will run when it gets wet.  I've never dyed leather/suede...only messed around with dying some t-shirts and a sweatshirt.     Any advice appreciated!
as far as U-Neck size goes I'm a huge fan of the John Elliot Curved U-Neck (don't want to link and cause a thread hi-jack).  I feel like that size/depth is perfect.     I'm up for a little looser of a fit, maybe a slightly curved hem, and some pinching of the fabric at the seams. Rough edge and unfinished hems for sure.  Would love this in a off white or grey melange style fabric.  Can't be see through tho....
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