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Did you size down in order to get a "snug" fit?  I went tts based on my brannock measurement with proper boot socks on and my trench boots fit perfectly.  They are beefy leather but they break in pretty quickly.  I don't think mine stretched very much.
Looking for recommendations of a good looking faded/bleached/light blue pair of jeans with a nice taper.  I need less than a 7" leg opening with decent looking fades/distressing.  I love the John Elliott denim but I don't want to drop that much $$ on pre-faded denim.  I'm half tempted to try to bleach a pair of RGT's that I have but I'm too scared to ruin them.  Selvedge isn't necessary but it's a nice perk.  Under $200 ideally.
ya the tag is funny. dry clean only unless you want it to fit a cabbage patch kid! gentle hand wash may work tho...if you try it please let us know what happens.
I'm about a 37" chest but I buy my suits/jackets in 36.   I wear a small before dinner in Wolf vs. Goat and a small in Epaulet for what it's worth.  (EP is def tighter and would be too small if they shrunk)
How do Taylor Stitch shirts normally run? I'm going to back the Moro Utility shirt but not sure if I should go with 36 or 38. Is shrinking a concern? 5'-8", 145lbs. I'll compare measurements later tonight or tomorrow to get a better idea. Just looking for general advise going in. Thanks.
Rogue Territory and 3sixteen are both solid alternatives. The 3sixteen SL cut is pretty similar to the EPLA denim.  
Need sizing advice for the tech fleece joggers....  5'-8", 145 lbs, 31" waist.  Small or Medium?
just got shipping notification for my beanies.  will post pics once they arrive
here is the response from Mauro about sizing for the new knits and henleys   -------   I have worked it out so that all the tees, henleys, knits etc.... all basically fit the same. In that, I mean if you are a small you will ALWAYS be a small.   For example. I am have a 42 chest. I am a large in the tees, Henely's, and my sweaters. It's the correct size.   Does this mean I can wear a medium, sure. I can. It doesn't look bad but it is way more fitted for...
i want one of those grey henleys but i'm concerned about sizing.  anyone heard anything?   edit: i emailed Mauro.  will update the thread with sizing info if he fills me in.
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