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what is henley fit like this year?  last year they were a little too loose for my liking.  the year before they were super fitted which i was ok with but a nice middle ground would be even better.
the color on the jeans looks phenomenal.   i dont need another pair of jeans right now, but if i did i'd be all over them. 
this is a long standing issue.  hopefully it will be addressed with the upcoming changes Mauro mentioned.
this is the biggest issue with online forums.  this is why Oak Street Bootmakers stopped being an affiliate.  their thread got blown up by people nitpicking the shit out of their leather when in reality, most of the issues were not issues at all.  I'm sure there are other examples. the problem with all this transparency online is people tend to read here and there about X brand and become "experts" and start spouting out "knowledge" that in all reality is not the cold hard...
been a rewards member for a few years now and never had trouble following your sizing or naming conventions (but I also follow this thread pretty closely).   with that being said, streamlining the product names and making the website clear is a HUUUUUGE step in the right direction.  looking forward to the changes!
what is the fit like this year?  last year was kinda loose...year before that was super tight.
I missed the earlier convo about hair products but I will second the vote for Sumotech.  Been using it for a few years.  The tubs aren't exactly cheap but they last me a long time.  I use it to create texture and shape my hair a bit.  My hair rarely gets longer than 3" on top so I can't speak for longer hair but if it's what Synth uses I'd say that is proof enough of it's awesomeness.  It gives my normally flat hair a lot of life and movement.  Plus you can reshape it...
i vote for a lighter shade of indigo, grey (charcoal is prob too dark but a nice grey would be cool), or olive.
I have an old pair of NF Pomegranate dyed jeans that look almost identical.  I don't wear the much anymore as they are a little bigger than I prefer but I never found it difficult to match anything to them.  Almost everything that goes with indigo denim will look fine.  I guess I paired navy and grey tops with them most.
i have the black sweatpants.  they are decent.  very warm but they stretch out a fair amount and are baggier than i expected. i still wear them all the time when bumming around.
New Posts  All Forums: