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Justified & Ancient Brushed Oxford Check from the Somelos EFF:   this shirt is phenomenal.  pardon my crappy pic but I had to share.  Amazing colors and super soft feel.  Perfect fit!
Anyone find an alternative to the tech fleece joggers that don't have such a saggy rear? I love my tech fleece but the saggy ass is kinda annoys me. I'm sure most people don't think twice about it...
i like this -
try Wolf vs Goat.  Their waffle henley's the past few years have been great (and priced reasonably).  I live in them.  I dont think this years fabric was waffle...but you might find some for sale on Grailed on B&S.
The green herringbone Enzo's were a different material. Still nice, but not the same as the grey, indigo, khaki, red, etc.
Anyone know when the EFF shirting (from the Somelos factory) will be shipping?  I think the order was end of September.
I don't have any experience with Jomers.  I know reddit loves them.  I love the Enzo material.  It's a relatively thick cotton twill but it's insanely soft.  I have 2 other pairs and they both get worn weekly and are holding up great.  Plus the cut is perfect.  It's slim/skinny but not overly so.  I haven't found a better fitting pant.  The measurements are spot on from my experience.
Wow I somehow missed the email about the Enzo chinos.  Was lucky to snag a pair of khaki's in my size.  I've been waiting for them for a while.  The Enzo fit and material is perfect!  I actually don't have a pair of khaki chino's right now.  Def will get a ton of wear out of these.  Tempted to grab the indigo Enzo's as well even tho I have too many navy pants....
how did you size?  are the uniqlo measurements online pretty accurate?  should i account for stretch?  I only have a few heattech items from uniqlo...never tried their pants.
How are the men's Skinny Selvage jeans?  I'm looking for a cheap bleached/faded pair of jeans with a pretty strong taper (cuff less than 6.5") and it looks like these fit the bill based on the measurements online.  Anyone have experience to say yay or nay?  Size down required?     I haven't worn anything except raws from 3sixteen and RGT for the past few years...
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