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Mauro, when will we be seeing some of these new shorts???  I could use 2 or 3 new pairs for this summer and I'll gladly hold out for WvG if they are coming in the next month or so
those natural trenches look great.  what have you been treating them with?  I've had my pair since last October and they have darkened a bit but not that much.  I've only used VSC on them so far.     As far as sizing goes... I have the trenchboots in size 9.  With normal socks my foot measures a 9 right on the money on the brannock.  My trenchboots fit perfectly with boot socks but feel a little loose with thin dress socks.  Without socks my foot is just barely over 8.5...
post pics!!
please post the leg opening & inseam measurements as well.  thanks!
When will the those shorts get released?  What is the typical leg opening and inseam?  Very interested.
a page or 2 back Mauro said to ignore the size charts for the time being.  He is going to go measurement by measurement with the person who did them to correct them and ensure they are accurate.
what is sizing like on the tees?  i'm in between a medium and small in BD button downs.  Small BD overdyes are perfect but could be a little longer.  Some other BD's have shrunk a little bit and and up too tight/too short.  will the tees shrink any?  i'm not sure if i should go small or medium....
JE+Co, congrats on being picked as one of GQ's top new menswear designers for 2014!  Does this still entail doing a collection for Gap?  If so can you share anything that might be coming?
does anybody have the natural boat shoes?  what do you think of them?  
you need to explain why they didn't last a year....you have said in other threads that your pain cream eats through denim. your post could be very misleading for people who don't know about your "conditions" and thus hurt the brand.  be careful.   there is nothing weak with 3sixteen denim.  in my experience it holds up better than APC and Naked and Famous by far.  I'm going on 1.5ish years in my SL shadow selvedge jeans and there is no sign of weakness anywhere.  love them...
New Posts  All Forums: