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here's a few.  i wore them yesterday for most of the day but didnt take any on foot pics.  unfortunately i already have some indigo bleed on them (but i guess that's unavoidable).  the jeans i was wearing have been washed a handful of time...I thought most of the bleeding was done but apparently not.  i love the boots but i'm torn between constant cleaning to remove the indigo stains that are bound to happen or just letting them be and accepting that the stains and whatnot...
got confirmation late on friday 9-18, boots delivered yesterday, 9-24.  (maryland) I got thetan sidezips.  I can post more pics if people are interested but they look just like what everyone has posted prior.  Really impressed overall.  The shape is nice.  I was a little worried that they would be slightly too narrow/slim but they look great on foot.  (speaking as i have never owned other sidezips, eg. MMM, SLP, etc).  Not a loose stitch to be seen.  Comfy with a little...
basically you have to email Lian.  but check this link for pics and more info - http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=3557793.0
 the way i've understood is each batch is a single boot style.  batches are on approx. 4-5 week schedules.  email Lian (through the website) and he will answer all questions, send you sizing chart, tell you how to order, and let you know when your boot should go into production.  his customer service has been excellent...minus the minor delay we are currently experiencing.  
hmm, I still haven't gotten a shipping notification for my sidezips ordered on Aug. 9th.  I sent an email to Lian just checking...no biggie but I'd appreciate an update.     will update here when i get something from him.   ----- edit: got my shipping notification late last night.  3-5 delay currently per Lian.  All is good.  as others have said it would be nice if he sent out notification of the delay but he is very responsive via email so w/e.  
nothing yet for me.  hopefully soon.
has anyone got a shipping notification yet this week?
i ordered sidezips prior to the Aug. 14th cutoff and was told they would ship in 4 weeks (which was last week).  i haven't checked in with Lian since then...hoping to receive a shipping notification this week. 
Try Wolf Vs Goat rollneck tees sized up one. Supposedly a scoop next is in the pipeline but I dunno when it comes out. I've also heard good things about Grana scoop neck but haven't bought one yet.
i agree with all the above recommendations for additional products/modifications - more work shirts, additional collar types for button downs, sweatshirts, henleys, etc.  Gustin has shown that they can get amazing fabrics...i would love to see more variety in products.  I don't really think boots are the right direction but that's just my opinion.       My only real complaint is with the side scoops.  They are way too big.  Hopefully Josh is listening and can offer an...
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