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Welp; you had a warning, I hope you like being an innovative cut-out eye and bevel leg-stump with severed drop-ass ass neohuman.
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 Beveled jeans, cut out collars on polo and dress shirts. Everybody makin fun of that dude is probably going to push him from normal insane to violent insane and he's going to become a serial killer who makes sartorially groundbreaking corpses that have large holes cut out of them. New Eric Glennie cut-out stomache torsos, show off those intestines! Dare to murder different - EG.
I love clothing like crazy but my own artistic output is elsewhere and I've never touched a sewing machine in my life. However I do come up with ideas every once in a while that I kind of wish I could realize but I won't ever so I'll post them here and if you want to you can too! Or you can make fun of my ideas, either way Anyways we all love how jeans fade thanks to indigo being such an "imperfect" dye and fading/rubbing off very quickly, so why keep it just to...
What would be a ballpark price range for a tailoring job converting a normal collar to a banded collar? Is that hard to do? I saw superbobo did it to one of his shirts and I have been wanting a banded-collar shirt but not seeing one I like that happens to be in my price range.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector They are Earnest Sewn actually and go pretty well with everything. I would love to get some APCs once I have some moneyz though. Look at the red letters on the big black things youre standing in front of
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Just posting cuz I got my Seiko Black Monster in the mail yesterday. shirt: Lacoste jeans: ES Fulton shoes: Rockport top siders (worn almost every day for 2 years) watch: Seiko Black Monster mulletude: 8.5 Nice APCs, I have the same ones in 3 ton black cast iron. I've only been wearing mine a week but they stretched a full 3U!
Hey sorry I'm asking such a basic and obvious question but I always get anxiety over large (for my budget) purchases, and I'm new to the nice jeans world so I figured I'd ask and make sure. I want to buy some APCs either New Standard or Rescue. I like a fit somewhere between normal and slim due to being kind of skinny fat with no muscle making me topheavy. I just measured a pair of pants I like (J Crew classic fit aka their slim fit) and the waist is a 34 (though...
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth They seem to be well received inspite of the lack of width selections. You normal footed guys don't know how much it hurts to look at some of these shoes that don't come in sizes that accommodate EEEEEEEEEEEEE sized feet
Quote: Originally Posted by negusnegas I actually ordered from Hickeystyle over the phone and was able to get a shirt from the clearance section that had been removed. So you can call them up and ask them if they have your shirt in the size that you are looking for. I got a Gingham for $60, but I suppose they should still have those oxfords and other stuff that was in the steals and deals section. From what I understand they are selling the rest of the...
What do you guys think of the Allen Edmonds Randolph loafer? I'm looking to buy a decent pair of loafers in the Allen Edmonds price range but I'm pretty new at "dress" shoes. Is that too weird that the pennyloaferstrap goes all the way around the shoe? I'm not sure how I feel yet so opinions would be welcome!
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