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not me but thanks for rmeemmbering me!
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m When every hipster in NY has a pair like the ones Razele bought off German Ebay how can you feel good wearing them? I could feel good because whether or not I feel good isn't based on some need to be cooler than and different from other people. It'd suck to live like that and get totally owned every time other people have the audacity to start liking things you like.
the people who post in the non-clothing parts of sf really weird me out theres a guy who went out of his way to get a cease and desist on a night club for having lady's night because he didn't think it was fair to be charged cover because he was a dude and claims he was standing up for civil rights
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Another thought is how the color block design feels rather kindergarten-like. When this theme is contrasted against your larger size it makes me think I'm seeing the worlds largest 5 year old. hey, it's no small feat to have your clothing so accurately express your personality like that
Quote: Originally Posted by jet
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles based on all of the current US activity in the region maybe "carpetbombed" may be more appropriate lol how bout we make yours "joke bombed"
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace I go to school on the eastern shore of Maryland; the status quo is abercrombie/aeropostale/american eagle etc, pajamas, and I shit you not, full on camo hunting gear. Yeah, I sometimes get weird looks and comments from people who don't know me. I dunno I'd assume it would look pretty indistinguishable from the market saturated super screenprinted 7 diamonds nordstrom rack button ups to the average...
Quote: Originally Posted by APK At the risk of opening a can of worms, I'm glad the WvG shirting is doing and looking well, because the front page of this forum has two threads that are sore reminders of the denim disasters from last year. And I feel like I've seen 15 posts from poor connor to the effect of "What's going on?" with regards to contest reward collab. OKAY so we are just now find out the factory 'screwed the pooch' sizes xs-xxl of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Racing Green So those of us who like polos are ACL fans? I'm certainly not but if it fits your prejudices fire ahead and think that. Your avatar is doughy jfk lookin' all stone cold menswear classic on a boat. Yes, that fits my "prejudices", and I'm going fire ahead and think that you're in that old picture americana fetishism crowd whether you like ACL or not. I'd say that's pretty reasonable but I could very...
Quote: Originally Posted by Racing Green stone cold menswear classic The best thing that could happen to styleforum would be if that guy from A Continuous Lean started his own forums.
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