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Indeed! Thank you very much for drawing my attention to the very instructive piece you mentionned above! My jacket is said to have been constructed with "a floating chest piece". So I think I will just keep it this way and then see what happens in the long run.
Why then not?
The alteration would aim at replacing the fused construction with a foating canvassed one.
Hi Guys, I'm going to resume here with an ackneyed issue, with a diiferent perspective though, the fused versus half-or-full canvassed jacket, that is. If a lovely jacket made of a wonderful cloth happens to be a fused one, is there any chance to get it alterated? I would greatly appreciate your take on. Thanks.
Interestingly enough, these shoes are in fact a real bargain. There is a real strategy devised by Adrian Herring behind that. Now as to your query, the solution would be to wear them from Fall through Spring, and then pull off your socks accordingly.
A matter of fit? I think the Ducker & Son suede loafers are absolutely better crafted. I have just purchased one pair, and I am really stunned by their sheer elegance and lightness as if they were blake welted. Great shoes for the Summer.
The medaillon on both is the same too!
Hi, Gorgeous shoes indeed! No brown punch cap oxford available? On AS's side?
First post, even though I've been reading SF for quite a long time!  Apparently, no brown punch oxfords available. Do you have any plan in that respect? Thanks for your reply.
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