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Anyone has good shots of the Light Brown Double Monk calf taken in natural light, such as outdoor?? Im trying to see if it matches with Uniqlo Light Brown Stiched Belt. Supposedly the belt matches w/ Walnut, and the Light Brown resembles Walnut a lot so I though it might work.     Thanks   Oh and regarding duties, mine (Dark Brown) came in by FEDEX without any hiccups - Southern California.
I'd like to know Strand Walnut 6d and Manistee Walnut 32.     Thanks
        Interesting, so the divots are result of my shoulder too narrow?? If so, is there a way to alleviate this?? Would working out with emphasize on increasing the width be appropriate for this??     I'll try to get better shoulder shot w/ the phone later.
Could really use some suggestions.
That would have been smarter. Unfortunately, these were the last of my battery. Waiting on a new charger now, otherwise I'd reconcile this.
Please note, the blazer itself is irrelevant. It's American Eagle size XS with shoulder measured 17.5" seam to seam. What I would like to get out of this is an idea of how blazer/coat should fit me. I havent for the longest time and I wanna clear this up.   [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/200fl10.jpg[/IMG]   Looking at this, it's clear there are protrusion where the shoulder ends. In respect to the rest of the fit, is this normal or result of ill...
Meybee!!         I will take better one later. Im thinking of just bite the bullet and send them back to AE and hope they could fix it. My OCD ticks me off everytime I look at the shoe and the burns.
I did, Meltonian Black - the damn thing that caused those burns in the first place.     Hm...I didnt wait that long, but I guess I'll give it another try.     AE recommended their carnauba wax. I guess I'll give that a try too, might as well.
Ok well, gave Kiwi a try just now and nope does not help. After something like 4-5 coats, the burn is still very visible.   Modus operandi: apply by dapping, let dry for a minute or so, rub w/ cotton shirt, buff w/ brush. The surrounding are nice and shine as you'd expect, but the burn is still there mocking.   Im just going to wait on AE's responses on this situation now. Also, is the Kiwi Shoe Polish a wax or cream?? It is way more solid than Meltonia's one,...
I dont know why either   The shoe is brand spanking new. I have wore it only like thrice since I received it. That's not a lot of wear and tear if at all beside the standard creasing.   The amount of those two dabs were literally grain of rice each, just smudged. My guess is it's because I left them alone for too long, ~3 minutes, and that somehow burn away the layer. I used the same grain of rice to shine the toe and it came out great.       I'll report...
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