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Need black polish for my black 1K's.  1. Is a polishing brush necessary for applying black polish? 2. Is it possible to avoid dying the threading on the sole while applying polish? 3. Which brand of black polish would be the consensus recommendation? I don't need dress shoe shine. My boots are just really beat up from chemical spills at work.   Thank You. 
I wear my black 1K's to work.  Every so often a chemical gets on them which eats the color off them down to the matte brown of the leather.  Can someone please suggest which black polish i should use to even out the color again. 
I used easter25 which was on the front page on their site.. everything but 3sixteen items.
denim bar has a 25% off.  I used that for my 2nd pair. Been wearing my black pair for work. Now time for a pair of rust.   Also people looking for a good insole, I've used a bunch and I suggest the dr. scholls sport insole if your on your feet all day. First 2 days it might hurt your arch but after that its all clouds.   Some shots of my black 1K work boots.. Love the contrast to the soles: imgur.com/a/qAcCM
Why is it no one ever mentions the japan heritage 2's? I love this denim.
  I literally used the cheapest 100 percent beeswax off ebay..  It was like 3 bucks. Mink oil will wear down the threading over time.  Stick to beeswax. 
Before and After applying beeswax to my desert boots. After 1 year of wear. 5 times a week. I didn't wipe the excess beeswax off at the time of the photo, didn't end up quite as shiny after I did.  
Is the 12.90 crew t-shirts on sale? Not the premiums but the ones that only come in navy, blue, white, black and grey. Appreciate the help
http://www.uniqlo.com/us/CPaGoods/itemcode=072131 Do these $12.90 crewnecks ever go on sale? Best fitting t-shirt I've found.
My Suddenlee order this week was perfect. Always top notch customer service when I deal with them.
New Posts  All Forums: