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Finally got the right size in my carlyles.. Perfect 2nds for 195 for my wedding. Thanks for the help in thid thread!
Has anyone ever ordered 2nds that are located at their Consumer Assistance Center in Port Washington, WI? I called and they are not able to look at them because she said "they are on a shelf in the warehouse building."   These are the only 2nds listed in my size and also were just knocked down another $100. I've already returned a pair of 2nds because they were already so beat up it looked like someone wore them for 3 weeks already. Not sure if I can deal with the...
Any deals on new Carlyle's in chili anywhere? 9E?
 I was considering the chili Poplar belt with the chili Carlyle's.. Will this not match well?
 Also how are your belts holding up. Was going to get a wide dress or poplar belt to match these chili carlyles but the reviews on the belts seem horrible as far as not matching and cracking and fading.
Quick question: Called two places about 2nds of a pair of carlyles. Store #1 said wrinkles from being tried on and "veins" on side. Store #2 said small wrinkle from trying on and slight fatty leather at eyelids which will be covered anyways. My question is what exactly does fatty leather look like? I should go with #2 right?
It was a mutual agreement. My suit is blue and shirt is off white. With Merlot shoes I looked like a 4th of july event.
Those look great! Are those burnished or no? Burnished will just be more matte correct?
Does anyone have any photos of the color 'Dark Chili Burnished'? Specifically for the strands but that doesnt matter. Just curious how the color comes through.   Just a heads up my soon to be wife said no to my merlot strands for my wedding day. And the Park aves in burnished brown were too dark and simply a bit boring. So now I get to research some more! 
Well damn. Complete opposite opinions on the Merlot.
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