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The Hermes is nice, I recently looked at one when I was in New York visiting the Hermes store and was tempted but got a scarf and a bowtie instead. I have this card case...
Who actually made the belt I do not know; the label is Brioni (belt says Handmade Italy). I had been looking forever for a brown and black crocodile belt that I really liked and in the fall I found both colors in New York City and scooped them up.
No, but I'm ready if called upon as I wear blue blazers and all manner of shades of grey quite often.Loro Piana cashmere one-button peak lapel, Cerruti 1881 cashmere three-roll-two, Dormeuil cashmere double-breasted jacket and Scabal two-button notch lapel.
The shoe was on a shelf, I put the shoe on a chair and I took a picture - not my shoe, was just visiting the store.
John Lobb custom (snapped at Madison Avenue store today)...
The John Lobb Wallace is a discontinued model but should be available sans up-charge twice per year during the John Lobb MTO events. I am not sure what the specific differences are between the Wallace and the William but to my eye the Wallace seemes dressier than the William (at least the black version which I have in black museum in addition to the dark brown museum pictured).
I always like to offer the John Lobb Wallace for consideration when the William is discussed...
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