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I am having a camel hair polo coat made and have not decided yet on peak labels or Ulster collar. Can anyone tell if the coat in the picture is a 6x3 or a 6x2? Thank you for your assistance.
Thank you.
Question on polo coat half-belt (martingale??). Is the fabric of the belt sewn to the coat only at the outer ends of the belt or sewn along the coat to the point where the two pieces are buttoned? Most likely I have mangled my question. picture from The House of Majd
Is a grey polo coat antithetical or just too odd? Grey color similar to the pictured scarf.
Size comparison of 41cm Sac a Depeche versus Berluti un Jour (per member request)...
Dos anyone know if the Moynat Juste a Temps briefcase case is carried anywhere in New York City? I would like to see one in person on my next visit to New York. Thank you.
I always thought John Lobb creams were re-branded and more costly Saphir creams; I could be quite mistaken.
The shoes will never see another shine - they are too wonderful as is.
Beat up Chestnut Museum...
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