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Thank you.
Does St. Crispin's have different shades so-to-speak of black like John Lobb has black misty calf, black museum calf etc.? Thank you.
One of my favorite jackets; an odd duck, at least to me as all my other cashmere jackets are blue blazers. Loro Piana 100% cashmere with specs of gold, brown and black, a very fall fabric. The jacket is a wee darker/browner than my pictures suggest.
Probably derided/mocked like the scarf, which I really like; but I like the Burberry plaid tote.
Ice, ice, baby.
My only brown shoe not in dark brown museum...dark oak.
Cream only - my shoes have never seen wax (for better or worse; I think for the better).
The Matta II and the Becketts are relatively old (not as old as the Earth), the Seymour gets lot of wear, the Phillip II I have not worn yet. My care regime is apply Saphir dark brown cream twice a year (at most) and buff the shoes with a brush before wearing, works for me.
Drapers flannel...
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